Located in the Federal Reserve Bank on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver, the short, self-guided tour of the Money Museum is a great addition to a day trip at the mall.

The entrance to the bank is located off Curtis Street, with a sidewalk that features a unique audio art experience. Guests are treated to a variety of sounds permeating through grates that line the walk, inspiring curious guesses as to the origin of the sounds. Sounds of pigs snorting is a popular guess as visitors enter the Federal Reserve Bank.

Security is tight upon entering the building, and each visitor over the age of 18 is required to show a state or federal issued form of identification. Students are also asked for identification, but a school ID will suffice, and International visitors may use a passport to gain entrance.

Visitors must pass through a metal detector and any bags they may have will be scanned as well. Cameras are allowed, however photos of any security equipment is prohibited.

After passing security, visitors are rewarded with a small bag of shredded money to keep as a souvenir as they are ushered into the Money Museum. A history of the Federal Reserve and the role it plays in America’s economy welcomes visitors via lighted displays along the wall. Samples of bills and coins throughout history remind guests of the never-ending evolution of money. An interactive display teaches visitors how to spot counterfeit, or “fake” bills, while another displays coins that came through the nearby mint with deformities.

An entire wall is covered with bills that represent 30 million dollars, stacked as tall as a grown man and one foot thick and provides a great photo opportunity. At a station nearby, visitors are encouraged to try their hand at designing money using templates and crayons.

Guided workbooks engage visitors, especially young children, as they tour the museum and learn about the history of money and the Federal Reserve. A short promotional video provides testimony of the importance of the Reserve and wraps up the tour.

Outside the gates of the Federal Reserve building locals gather to take advantage of the stone chess tables that line the 16th Street Mall along the block of the building. Spirited competitions, combined with musical and theatrical street performers provide the perfect opportunity to promenade down the block to Arapahoe Street, where outdoor table-tennis, coloring activities for kids and table games are available for enjoyment by all.

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