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friends, meeting a date, or blowing off steam with colleagues after a long day of work, Denver bars are where everyone goes to meet, greet, and commiserate. While it may seem like very little separates the average bar from all the rest, an increasing number of Denver bars are going out of their way to become unique and lure potential regulars by catering to their specific tastes and interests.

Live Music Bars in Denver

  • El Charrito
  • Ziggies Saloon
  • Herb's Hideout
  • Odell Brewing Company

There are Denver Live Music Bars. Some of the popular Live Music Bars are El Charrito, Ziggies Saloon and Herb's Hideout.

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Gay Bars in Denver

  • Barker Lounge
  • Aqua Lounge
  • Kiva Restaurant
  • A Bottled Affair

Denver has few options of Gay Bars. Some of the popular Gay Bars are Kiva Restaurant, Blush & Blu Bar and A Bottled Affair.

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Breweries in Denver

  • Breckenridge Brewery Denver
  • Wynkoop Brewing Company
  • Mountain Sun Pub And Brewery
  • Boulder Beer Company

There are Denver Breweries. Top Recommendations include Breckenridge Brewery Denver, Wynkoop Brewing Company and Mountain Sun Pub And Brewery.

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Pubs in Denver

  • Highland Tavern
  • Colt And Gray
  • Cap City Tavern
  • Stout Pub

There are Denver Pubs including Highland Tavern, Colt And Gray and Cap City Tavern.

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Dive Bars in Denver

  • Candle Light Tavern Payphone
  • Cafe Carioca
  • Tennyson's Tap
  • Emerald Isle Restaurant

There is a few of Denver Dive Bars. Some of the popular Dive Bars are Candle Light Tavern Payphone, Cafe Carioca and Broadway.

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Sports Bars in Denver

  • Cherry Cricket
  • Soiled Dove Underground
  • Highland Tap And Burger
  • Jackson's All-american Sports Grill

There is a small set of Denver Sports Bars including Cherry Cricket, Soiled Dove Underground and Highland Tap And Burger.

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