About "Rock of Aging"

The Music of the '60s & '70s Gets Lovingly Lampooned in "Rock of Aging"

Meet Willy Withers, Tina Tumor and Rickie D. Bones -- a trio of aging rockers who planned poorly for retirement and are now forced to sing for their supper by taking any gigs they can. The band forges a new bond as they give the songs of their youth fresh meaning, singing about such boomer maladies as weight gain, memory loss and gastric issues (imagine having a colonoscopy performed to the chorus: "Snake it up doctor, if you twist I'll shout!"). Together, these three rockers learn that while aging "ain't for sissies," they're more than ready, with the help of rock 'n' roll, to face the music to celebrate all the challenges that growing older brings. Presented at the John Hand Theater in Denver, "Rock of Aging" is a fun, light-hearted satire of the music that defined the '60s and '70s.
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