Guide to Boulder

A hilly city located about 30 miles northwest of Denver, Boulder is rated among the top places to live by a variety of renowned publications. Despite a once “hippy” reputation, Boulder is more than just earthy, artsy and alternative (although each of those adjectives still applies in its own way); there are beautiful shopping hubs like Pearl Street, as well as neighborhoods filled with coffee shops, music venues and retail shops. Boulder is perhaps best known for an array of outdoor activities that are awe-inspiring, from hiking and rock climbing in the Flatirons to athletic events around the Boulder Reservoir. Boulder is also dominated by the culture and activities of the University of Colorado. Many of the bars and pubs are crowded with twenty-something grad students, law students and professors. Students, nature-lovers, and visitors from all over the world provide Boulder with a diversity that seconds only Denver. More

Scenes from Boulder
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