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Breckenridge is a complete resort that does a good job of making a lot of visitors happy. In fact, about the only complaint you hear with any regularity is that Breckenridge is too popular. Gee, wonder why that is? Could it be the vast and varied mountain terrain? Could it be the walkable, busy 19th-century historic district town that has hundreds of bars, restaurants, shops, theaters and museums? Or is it the Colorado casualness of the 3,000 year-round Breckenridge residents, who infuse Breckenridge with an authenticity that softens any false touristy atmosphere? It could be all of these things and something else: Breckenridge’s location as one of the closest resorts to Colorado’s Front Range mountains and to the Denver airport. More

Scenes from Breckenridge
No words. All the feelings.Mayflower Gulch is a gorgeous place in the winter, too! #springbreak #snowshoe #mayflowergulch #coloradoColorado March 2017-3Colorado March 2017-4Colorado March 2017-5@lhooper is ready.More scenes from Breckinridge Colorado

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