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Within the perimeters of Denver's Capitol Hill district, you will find one of the most diverse and eclectic… read more

neighborhoods the city has to offer. Squared off by Broadway, Colfax, Downing and Sixth Avenue, Cap Hill for short. Located just north of Denver's downtown, Capitol Hill pales in comparison to the large, vertical reaches of the business district, but its buildings have a charm all their own since most of them were built around the 1920s. Between 10th and 11th Streets on Sherman Street, you'll find Poet's Row, a block of historic apartment complexes all named after lyrical luminaries such as Emily Dickenson and Robert Frost. It is even more appropriate considering Alan Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac once resided on the hill.

Restaurants in Capitol Hill

  • Dazzle jazz
  • Lala's Wine Bar
  • City, O' City
  • Mad Greens Art

Capitol Hill has an extensive list of Restaurants ranging from American Restaurants to Cuban Restaurants. Some of the most notable include Dazzle jazz, Bones and Melita's Greek Cafe & Market.

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Nightlife in Capitol Hill

  • Quixote's True Blue
  • Charlie Browns Bar & Grill
  • Cap City Tavern
  • Funky Buddha Lounge

There is a wide variety of Capitol Hill Nightlife ranging from Bars to Hip Hop including Quixote's True Blue, Charlie Browns Bar & Grill and Cap City Tavern.

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Hotels in Capitol Hill

  • Ramada Denver Downtown
  • Towneplace Suites By Marriott Denver Downtown
  • Crowne Plaza Downtown Denver
  • Patterson Inn

There are 19 Capitol Hill Hotels ranging from Hotels with a Pool to Moderate Hotels. Some of the popular Hotels are Burnsley Hotel, Holiday Chalet Victorian - Bed & Breakfast and Ramada Denver Downtown.

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Attractions in Capitol Hill

  • Denver Firefighters Museum
  • Kirkland Museum Of Fine & Decorative Art
  • Cheesman Park
  • Gay Croquet @ Cheeseman Park

There are 21 Capitol Hill Attractions ranging from Parks & Open Spaces to Bus Tours. Top Recommendations include Denver Firefighters Museum, Byers Evans House and Kirkland Museum Of Fine & Decorative Art.

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Shopping in Capitol Hill

  • Capitol Hill Books
  • MileHI Music
  • Buffalo Exchange - The Annex
  • 303 Boards

There are 153 Capitol Hill Shopping ranging from Consumer Electronics to Fashion Schools. Some of the most notable include Buffalo Exchange, Kcec Channel 50 and Kilgore Books & Comics.

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Bars in Capitol Hill

  • Govnrs Park Restaurant & Tavern
  • Cheeky Monk
  • Cafe Netherworld
  • The 2up

Capitol Hill has a wide variety of Bars ranging from Pubs to Piano Bar. Some of the most notable include Roslynn Grill, Broadway and Govnrs Park Restaurant & Tavern.

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