Guide to Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Fort Fun, FoCo—whatever you want to call the "college town" located about 50 miles north of Denver, it is a hub for Colorado culture without the pretensions often associated with Boulder. It is where microbreweries flourish, Colorado State University students play Frisbee golf, and Hewlett Packard employees carve out cookie cutter neighborhoods. Horsetooth Mountain, dubbed so for its unique, jutting formation, overlooks the town of about 120,000, and provides one of the main outlets for entertainment. During the summer, Horsetooth Reservoir is dotted with boats, jet skis and wake boarders. Horsetooth Mountain (and a shorter trail to Horsetooth Falls) is open year-round and perfect for a late-start hike; it only takes about an hour-and-half to reach the peak and the most fabulous view of Fort Collins. Fort Collins is split into two, disparate sections: old town, and everything else. Mountain Avenue in the older section of the city is lined with historic, Victorian houses. The scenic street leads straight to downtown Fort Collins, where "The Square," a European-style plaza, is flanked by boutiques, ice cream shops and pubs. Between mid-July and August, listen to local bands play live music every Thursday for the Thursday Night Music & More. Mishawaka Amphitheatre, located west of Ft. Collins inside Poudre Canyon, also hosts some of the area's best summer concerts this side of the Mississippi. Just east of old town sits the businesses that Fort Collins on the map: two of its most well known microbreweries, Odell Brewing Company and New Belgium. After a lazy summer day hanging out on a Horsetooth beach, head over to one (or both) of the breweries for a brew tour, a term reserved for natives and transplants who have done their time on the Front Range. Brew Tours involve going to the breweries and trying all the flavors in a mini snifter (at New Belgium) or just pint-size glasses (not literally) at Odell's. What ensues involves more lethargy and possibly some Fat Tire-tasting burps. But it is fun and that's what "Fort Fun" is all about. More

Scenes from Fort Collins
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