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Anyone who has spent a considerable time in Colorado knows that recycling is as much a part of life to its citizens as skiing or hiking. Throwing out a newspaper is virtual blasphemy; if it doesn't get you black listed, it could at the very least elicit a few dirty looks. Denver's Stapleton neighborhood embodies this environmentally conscious fanaticism. When plans for Denver International Airport began in 1989, proposals for what to do with the outdated airport, Stapleton, simultaneously got kick started. No sooner than the pointed peaks of DIA's Jeppeson Terminal scalloped the skyline in 1995, than the valuable land where Stapleton once stood became grounds for the "green plan," a world-recognized outline for a sustainable community. Although still largely under construction, the Stapleton neighborhood has taken the recognizable shape of an idyllic, suburban neighborhood. At the East 29th Avenue Town Center, Quebec Square and Northfield at Stapleton shopping centers, Chipotles, Starbucks, Home Depots, SuperTargets—essentially any and all of your favorite chains—abound. Visitors to the Stapleton area have a plethora of hotels and restaurants to choose from, including The Timbers Boutique Hotel and Peoria Bar & Grill (in nearby Peoria), Coral Room (Stapleton's hip dining bistro), Best Inn & Suites and Comfort Inn & Suites. Where there are not stores and beige-hued homes, there is open space. Developers have set aside nearly 30 percent of Stapleton's 4,700 acres to parks and recreation facilities, the nucleus of which will be "Central Park." Bike paths and running trails will soon follow, as will Stapleton's rise to be one of Denver's cleanest and greenest neighborhoods. More

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Denver Stapleton International Airport (circa September 1992)Eddie Rickenbacker In His Nieuport 28The RivieraAircraft Of World War One ... A Hannover CL.IIIaBallsy ShepherdA World War One Airplane ... A SPAD XIIIThe Lone Ranger
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