Guide to Thornton

Thornton is a commuter's paradise. Located just off I-25, fifteen minutes from Denver and under 25 from Boulder, the town is teeming with ways to cater to the car parade. Larkridge Mall is the largest and newest shopping facility in the region is located between 160th and 168th Avenues along I-25. Because of Thornton's proximity to the interstate, businesses, be they fast food restaurants, entertainment venues or marketing firms, have the advantage of vantage if you will. Many of Thornton's businesses belly-up to the road and are easily accessible from the highway. As far as recreation goes, Thornton has 230 acres of open space, more than 40 public parks and a 72-par golf course, Throncreek. During the summer and fall months, The City of Thornton offers a range of community activities, including a free concert series at the Northglenn Recreation Center, and the annual Thorntonfest in September. More

Scenes from Thornton
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