Guide to Westminster

Westminster, a suburb 9 miles northwest of Denver, used to have the country's largest apple and cherry orchards before 1950. Since then, Westminster has been noted for its exponential growth. Due to a toll road that went through Boulder and Denver, Westminster went from a small town to a formidable city. Old ranches mingle with new housing developments, and pieces of history are intertwined with modern lifestyle centers and shopping districts, as well as hip cafes and unique aspects like the sculpture gardens at City Hall. Although people no longer arrive in droves, Westminster is still an appealing locale for young families and well-to-do executives. Visitors often make the trip for the annual Holy Cow Trail Stampede, a 10k run. As far as entertainment is concerned, Waterworld, the country's largest water park, takes the cake. People come from all over the Front Range to shoot down slides and wade in the wave pool. More

Scenes from Westminster
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