10 Best Places to Sleep on Auraria Campus

  1. East Auraria Commons

(South of Science building, east of St. Francis Way)

Noise / Traffic Level: High

This grassy area is key if you’re looking for a great backdrop to your daydreaming. Keep in mind that you will be competing with the homeless and construction in this area, but if you are able to secure prime real estate here before anyone else, you won’t ever want to leave. As the sidewalk from downtown to campus passes right by this spot, it’s also a great place to people-watch before and after napping.



  1. Cherry Creek (CCD) Building Lobby

(Southernmost foyer)

Noise / Traffic Level: High

This place has plenty of comfy seats to lie back and relax. Although there is a lot of traffic passing through this foyer, there seem to be more seats than students looking to sit, as they’re simply just going from class to class. Your odds of grabbing a comfy seat are good here. A choice location if you don’t mind the noise of shuffling shoes and opening doors while you rest.



  1. Outside Plaza Building

(Hill on south side)

Noise / Traffic Level: High

The south side of the Plaza Building is full of students, noise and people watching. If you don’t mind being stared at and constant noise, be our guest and lie down in this area.



  1. West Classroom Student Lounge

(2nd floor, 238)

Noise / Traffic Level: High

OK, so it’s right in the middle of a student lounge. That doesn’t mean you can’t close your eyes and pretend there’s no one around you. Besides, couches like these are rare on campus, so you can’t pass up the opportunity to doze off on one of them. It’s worth the noise and traffic levels, and before you know it, you’re in dreamland anyway. We dare you to actually try and read your textbook while lying down on one of these couches.



  1. Ninth Street Park

(Between CCD Confluence building and MSU Denver Honors Program building)

Noise / Traffic Level: Moderate

Ah, while the birds are chirping, the grass is green and the weather is still warm, the Ninth Street area offers plenty of secluded slumber spots for those seeking more peace and quiet. Not a lot of sidewalks around means not a lot of traffic, and the noise levels are at a more tolerable level. There are still faculty and students who use this area for getting between buildings and maybe a cup of coffee at Einstein’s, but nothing compared with 10th Street walkway (the main drag where most students walk). So, feel free to cloud-gaze yourself to sleep without being too distracted.



  1. PE Building Entrance

(West entrance, near pool)

Noise / Traffic Level: Moderate

“Do you even lift, bro?” Even if you haven’t been hitting the gym, we know you’re tired. We’re not sure where the other fitness junkies go to nap, but they sure aren’t using these benches. Since the pool is closed and there are only a few offices and classrooms nearby, your chances of being disturbed are smaller than getting the phone number from that cutie you saw working out.



  1. Outside Plaza Building

(Northwest corner, near patio)

Noise / Traffic Level: Low

Let’s just say, there’s no mistake why a patio was placed right here. There’s a great view from this small hill, and it’s also in the shade. A brick wall divides this resting spot from the patio, so you’re a bit incognito. Also, being above eye level, you probably won’t get looks from passersby, either. Hide in plain sight above all the campus noise and traffic with this peaceful location.



  1. UCD Student Commons Building

(Beneath staircase on northwest side)

Noise / Traffic Level: Moderate

This building is still fairly new, which means the bench here hasn’t been used as heavily as other ones around campus yet. We’ve noticed that on this side of the building, there’s also not a lot of traffic. It’s good to know you now have a place to nurse that food baby acquired from Qdoba’s burritos just down the hallway.



  1. Tivoli Building

(3rd floor)

Noise / Traffic Level: Low

These soft sofas may not seem like somewhere you could lie back and relax, but two chairs are better than one. Combine two of the four single-person chairs that are located in each corner near the handrails and you can sleep away all that beer you just drank on the floor directly below you. Or, perhaps you just got out of the testing center and don’t want to waste anymore time before letting your brain take a nice break. Don’t worry about too much traffic, as there are only a few offices around, the homeless are quickly escorted out, and not too many students are making it up that far in the Tivoli.



  1. Golda Meir Building

(South of St. Cajetan’s, west of West Classroom)

Noise / Traffic Level: Low

Careful, Rip Van Winkle, this spot is so peaceful and quiet, you may pass out for way too long. There is a parking lot nearby, but with no sidewalks close to the area, all traffic and noise is directed around this building. We bet you haven’t even heard of the Golda Meir House, but once you try out this spot, you may not want anyone else to know about it, either.



Now you have a few places to go when you’re too tired in between study sessions or classes. However if you’re tired enough, you’ll make any place on campus a place of rest. Sweet dreams!