How I played Iron Chef at the Colorado Beef Council

The Deconstructed Steak Taco on Curried Cauliflower Steak recipe merges the flavors of street tacos with Asian cuisine and the traditional steak house: Latin fusion that’s healthy, gluten free, grain free and dairy free. Cook, Serve and Enjoy! I always wanted to be on Iron Chef, yet as soon as I saw the overflowing bowls … Continued

Up-and-Coming Restaurant Stella’s on 16th Abruptly Closes

Stella’s on 16th had all the makings of a fantastic restaurant and hang out. Brian Cohen, who owned 2-restaurants before this and has 25-years experience in the industry, came out of semi-retirement to run it. It had a quirky-yet-sprawling interior with a market, coffee and juice bar, breakfast and extravagant pastries. There was also the … Continued

Alamo Drafthouse – Sloan Lake Poetry

The new poetry reading series in Sloan’s Lake isn’t like most literary events. For starters, the crowd takes an active role in the process. Each reading lets attendees contribute to a group poem, shattering the notion that poetry isn’t for everyone. That poem is written on one long scroll, a testament to how Jack Kerouac … Continued

DIY Designer Champagne Flutes

I’m in love with designer glass wear, but for something I only use a few times a year (like champagne glasses) it doesn’t seem practical to spend a lot of money on something I don’t really need. With this quick tutorial you can create stunning champagne glasses that look just like Kate Spade’s Larabee Dot Flute set for just … Continued

Decorating Built-In Shelves

The Denver housing market has been booming for the last year and if you are lucky enough to snatch up a house you’ll want to start making it your own and adding your own personal touches to the space. With many homes built-in shelving offers a decorating challenge that must be addressed with creativity – … Continued