A Home Run at the Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary is located in the re-emerging Ballpark neighborhood, just a couple blocks from Coors Field. Since 2009, Ballpark Holistic has been providing high-grade cannabis to the Denver community. Now, in 2018 with the marijuana industry thriving, Ballpark has gone from one of the few dispensaries in town to one of the best of many.

Ballpark Holistic has been one of the cannabis industry pioneers since they opened in 2009. As one of the original three dispensaries in the area, Ballpark Holistic has done things right since the beginning. They’ve not only managed to stay in business through the struggle of a blossoming industry, they’ve also managed to garner national acclaim while doing so.

Before heading in, get a feel for your options on their website and can even put in online orders. More impressive than online ordering is their extensive list of awards. From Leafly’s Best in Colorado rankings to Cannabis Cup finishes, and a host of Cannabis Business Awards, Ballpark Holistic has consistently caught people’s attention. So much so that Business Insider put them on their list of “Best Pot Shops in the Country” in 2016. Only a couple of years removed from this recognition, Ballpark Holistic has not ceded anything that would take them off of that list.

Their location is convenient for just about everyone around Denver since it’s just a few minutes’ drive through LoDo. Parking is easy with meters in front of the shop and a few pay for park lots to choose from, including one across the street. There are customer-reserved parking spots in the lot across the street, marked with the dispensary logo. Surrounded by a variety of restaurants and bars, their late-night hours capitalize on this great location.

When you walk into the reception area, you check in at a desk instead of handing your I.D through bulletproof glass. The check-in process is a point of interaction that’s largely overlooked by most, and starting off on in such a relaxed manner at Ballpark Holistic is much appreciated. Natural light fills the room, illuminating the Ballpark Holistic logo which pays homage to the Colorado flag.

Ballpark Holistic is set up to accommodate a large crowd just as a retail shop selling any other kind of product would be. A small queue is set up for busier moments, but the spacious shop allows customers to walk the expansive display cases and even shop Ballpark Holistic’s branded product. Inside the display cases sit an endless selection of concentrates, a beautiful display of edibles, and, of course, some of the most Terpene-rich flower in Denver. As open as the shop is, a few more lights would help illuminate the product, but this is something far from the top concern for any dispensary. With a few renovations planned, perhaps more lights will be added in the future.

With plenty of dispensary options in the area, Ballpark Holistic takes the necessary steps to stay ahead of the competition by featuring one of the most impressive concentrate selections in Denver, top-shelf flower, and a great edibles selection – even winning the 2015 Munchie Cup top honor from the Cannabis Business Awards. While the menu on their website will get you in the door, it is the undeniable passion for cannabis and excellent customer service that will keep you coming back.

For example, TJ Prosalenti, the store manager, is someone who began growing out east, taking care of ill friends and family, then moved out to Colorado to do the same, legally. Anyone who talks to Prosalenti for two minutes understands how much care is behind the product at Ballpark Holistic, and how much the customer’s needs are cared about as well.

Owners Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Unlike many retail cannabis shops, Ballpark Holistic has not forgotten that despite the recreational pull, at the end of the day cannabis is medicine and it can change people’s lives. People from around the country and around the state go in seeking medicine that can help them without harmful side effects.

Your cannabis experience is much more than the THC percentage and Ballpark Holistic takes this to heart. The terpenes that are part of the plant’s genetics greatly affect the user’s experience, and those are what Ballpark Holistic puts a focus on. Terpenes are largely the scent produced by the plant and are a key part of not just cannabis, but other plants that are used as essential oils. The terpenes that make up each strain are printed on the container labels so customers can better understand what it is they are experiencing and what fits well with them.

Inside the Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

When a dispensary grows with a larger focus than THC testing, the natural jump in quality shouldn’t be a surprise. Growing the right way is crucial, because organic composts and feeds that are Organic Materials Review Institute-certified and truly good for the plant help produce some of the award-winning flower Ballpark Holistic is known for.

There is perhaps nothing that personifies this more than Ballpark’s True Berry Live Resin from Harmony Extracts. True Berry, another Ballpark-famous strain, contains terpenes that give this strain its unique, sweet berry scent and flavor. The intricacies and effects of True Berry are amplified by the potency of the live resin – which is expected coming from Harmony.

Denver Maple marijuana strain

Denver Maple, crowned Cannabis Cup’s 3rd Place Indica back in 2014, is an in-house strain with extraordinary genetics. The exact cross that produced these all-star genetics are unknown, but has Afghan/Hindu lineage. Despite an undeniable indica lean, Denver Maple sets you down as soft as the pancakes with which it would pair so nicely. The earthy sweet smell tantalizes the senses, tempting you to indulge in some of Denver’s finest genetics.

Black Jack marijuana strain

Black Jack, rather light despite the name, gives off an earthy sweet scent which creates an uplifting, calming high. This hybrid is one to come back for. With a variety of terpenes from linalool to B-caryophyllene, Black Jack’s genetic makeup has an uplifting zesty vibe that will catch even non-smokers off guard.

Whether you’re a flower head or concentrate lover, Ballpark Holistic is truly a local treat worth exploring. Finding strains that take your experience to the next level is something every cannabis enthusiast aims to do, and Ballpark Holistic will help get you there.

If you live in Denver or are simply passing through and you enjoy cannabis, Ballpark Holistic Dispensary is a must-visit. With a wide range of concentrates from premium brands such as Harmony to their award-winning flower such as Denver Maple, Ballpark Holistic has something for everyone. Here in Colorado we proudly shop local and, with Ballpark Holistic truly being pioneers for the cannabis industry in Denver, it is only fair to include them when we speak about supporting local businesses. So next time you’re looking for cannabis, consider shopping at Denver’s own Ballpark Holistic.

I was so impressed with my trip to Ballpark Holistic I’m giving them 5/5 leaves and will definitely be going back. If you do decide to go check these guys out let them know that Zach from Denver.com sent you.

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