A New Temple Arrives in Denver

Temple Nightclub is officially open–and it was an impressive debut.

Photos by Carlos Escamilla and Ben Tarver

For two nights, Denver.com was present to welcome the newest addition to the Golden Triangle neighborhood. As part of the larger Zen Compound, Denver’s Temple Nightclub is an extension of Paul Hemming’s San Francisco location – also called Temple Nightclub. It’s located in the former City Hall Amphitheater and Zen will include a co-working space, an art gallery, and a coffee and cocktail bar. The majority of the space, though, is reserved for the three-story, open concept nightclub that needs to be seen and heard to be believed.

Emerging from the entrance tunnel, you are immediately greeted by the Funktion One sound system – the likes of which is only heard in two other venues in America. No matter where you are in the club, you can clearly hear and feel the music without being overwhelmed by it. It’s not just loud – you can carry on a conversation fairly comfortably – it’s just around you at all times. It’s an experience that’s unlike anything we’ve heard before.

Once you find yourself acclimated to the sound of Temple Nightclub, you begin to look around at the lighting, which is everywhere. The light installations on the walls are fun and give some ambiance on the first and second floor, with colored spotlights dancing around you. But the lighting doesn’t stop with your immediate sightline. Look up to witness one of the more exciting aspects of the whole building: the ceiling. The ceiling is alive, ebbing and flowing with the music that will be played by some of the biggest DJs in the world, including Nervo on November 3 and Makj on November 4. For ticket information, click here.

Temple Denver is located at 1136 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203.