Live Recording: “Hello? Denver? Are you still there?”

For the modern news aficionado, podcasts are the new opinion column. With the ability to download thousands of podcasts and access them easily through iTunes or Google Play, there is no limit to the number of podcasters you can subscribe to. Podcasts are ideal for catching up on news in the car, at the gym, … Continued

Shop Local for Unique Gifts This Holiday Season

As the biggest shopping weekend of the year converges upon us, supporting local businesses helps keep our local economy strong and growing. Instead of saving all your shopping budget for Cyber Monday, get up out of that Turkey-induced funk and go out into the community for Small Business Saturday this weekend. Shopping with local businesses … Continued

DIY Designer Champagne Flutes

I’m in love with designer glass wear, but for something I only use a few times a year (like champagne glasses) it doesn’t seem practical to spend a lot of money on something I don’t really need. With this quick tutorial you can create stunning champagne glasses that look just like Kate Spade’s Larabee Dot Flute set for just … Continued

Decorating Built-In Shelves

The Denver housing market has been booming for the last year and if you are lucky enough to snatch up a house you’ll want to start making it your own and adding your own personal touches to the space. With many homes built-in shelving offers a decorating challenge that must be addressed with creativity – … Continued