Five Great Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods

Batman or Ariel? Trick or treat? Those Halloween decisions should be the fun ones. Picking where to go hunting for treats can be the more difficult decision for the night. We’ve got the perfect top five neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating that all members of the party can enjoy.   Stapleton. With well-lit streets, ample sidewalks, … Continued

A Cherry Creek in the Middle of Business

Who knew “Cherry Creek” is more than just a mall? I had no idea that an entire neighborhood sits north of the mall, and it’s filled with some fabulous history of famous and not-so-famous tidbits. Here’s my narrative of our urban hiking adventure through Cherry Creek. Not Just a Bunch of High-End Shops The Cherry … Continued

New High Liners!

We finished walking the High Line Canal– all 71 miles of this twisty, turny, serpentine shaped, treasure that runs from Waterton Canyon to Denver International Airport. (To read about our northern portion of this trip, see the Halfway Mark blog post.) On the southern half of our adventure, from mile marker 35 to 0, we … Continued