‘Call Me By Your Name’ Wowed the DFF

The CinemaQ gem that impressed audiences at the Denver Film Festival I’ve seen a lot of queer films – A LOT – and I can’t remember the last time I was so thoroughly impressed as I was by Luca Guadagnino’s adaptation of “Call Me By Your Name.” Sure, queer cinema has improved tremendously in the … Continued

The Terrible Timing for ‘Submission’

The Denver Film Festival’s Centerpiece was a major letdown At the 40th Denver Film Festival, the Centerpiece film was “Submission.” It was adapted from the bestselling novel “Blue Angel” by Francine Prose, which was a biting satire about the sexual politics that occur within a microcosm. It’s important to remember that it was adapted from … Continued

Pop Culture and ‘JonBenet’s Tricycle’

If you’re a Colorado native, you’ve likely seen or read about Andrew Novick long before his Denver Film Festival debut last year. At the 40th Denver Film Festival, he’s revealing the feature-length version of his documentary, “JonBenet’s Tricycle,” and it’s sure to create conversation. First, it’s important to know who Andrew Novick is. He’s been … Continued

It’s Not Easy to Have ‘Strad Style’

The quirky documentary that will steal hearts at the 40th Denver Film Festival Sometimes, a documentary can give you anxiety because the subject matter is so heavy. Other times, you find yourself becoming anxious because you want so badly for it to end on a happy note. Stefan Avalos’ “Strad Style” is a part of … Continued

A New Temple Arrives in Denver

Temple Nightclub is officially open–and it was an impressive debut. For two nights, was present to welcome the newest addition to the Golden Triangle neighborhood. As part of the larger Zen Compound, Denver’s Temple Nightclub is an extension of Paul Hemming’s San Francisco location – also called Temple Nightclub. It’s located in the former … Continued

‘Home Truth’ and the Fight for Justice

The story of Jessica Lenahan, showing at the 40th Denver Film Festival As soon as “Home Truth” begins, you know you’re in for an emotional ride. The documentary opens with home video footage of Jessica Gonzales (now Lenahan) as a young and happy mother taking care of her children in the early ’90s. Everything seems … Continued

‘Liyana’ is strong. I’m also strong.

The Denver Film Festival documentary showcases the struggles of Swaziland’s orphans. Aaron and Amanda Kopp have been traveling around the world to share with as many people as possible a story that is told by remarkable children. In November, they’ll be bringing “Liyana” home for the 40th Denver Film Festival. was lucky enough to … Continued