‘Vigilante’ at the Denver Film Festival

Director David Wexler has a secret weapon with “Vigilante: The Incredible True Story of Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels,” and he’s not afraid to use it. Not only is the rise of Sliwa’s group perfect documentary fare, the founder himself, at 63, remains a force of nature. So Wexler wisely lets Sliwa tell his … Continued

“Gnaw” at the Denver Film Festival

Sometimes, the scariest part of a horror movie isn’t the ghosts or goblins but the fears already felt by the main characters. “Gnaw,” shot in Denver and featuring one half of Tenacious D, makes the most of that scenario. Poor Jennifer (“The Vampire Diaries’” Penelope Mitchell) just wants a fresh start in the Mile High … Continued

Alamo Drafthouse – Sloan Lake Poetry

The new poetry reading series in Sloan’s Lake isn’t like most literary events. For starters, the crowd takes an active role in the process. Each reading lets attendees contribute to a group poem, shattering the notion that poetry isn’t for everyone. That poem is written on one long scroll, a testament to how Jack Kerouac … Continued

Review: ‘Sweeney Todd’

Never mind more cowbell. What “Sweeney Todd” needed after all this time was more tuba. Denver’s take on Stephen Sondheim’s quasi-opera mines a local resource to glorious effect. Colorado’s own DeVotchKa reinterprets the Tony-winning musical at Denver’s Stage Theatre. The gypsy punk band brings a welcome edge to the production, one of the stage’s darkest … Continued

Denver Critics Split on Year’s Best Film

Denver critics aren’t ready to anoint “La La Land” as the year’s best film quite yet. The enchanting musical “La La Land” is conquering the early awards season. Not so fast, say Denver-area film critics. The Denver Film Critics Society, which this reporter co-chairs, celebrated the musical this week with seven nominations, including Best Picture, … Continued