Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique Review

The Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique off South Broadway is situated in a quaint house that almost blends in as a part of the neighborhood. It is hard not to feel welcome,  relieved even, as you walk up. The disarming nature of a dispensary in a house is a nice change, not the usual utility box … Continued

Good Meds Review

Just off of Hampton and Federal, in the Southwest Denver area, is a big sign that stands tall on the side of the road reading “Good Meds.” While the drive out of Denver isn’t ideal, those holding medical cards in the Southern suburbs can appreciate a shorter trip. Since recreational marijuana was legalized back in … Continued

Mile High Green Cross Review

Mile High Green Cross is known for having some of the finest quality cannabis in Colorado. The dispensary market has become saturated and good dispensaries are hard to come by. Over time many secede quality to the fact people will buy weed, regardless of the condition. I paid a visit to see if they still … Continued

Why You Should Play Fantasy Football with IDPs

Baseball is America’s past time, but football is our obsession. You can replace baseball with any other sport here and the same holds true. Compared to the NFL, there isn’t a league that stands on the same ground. We love football so much we created a fantasy football industry that grosses more on a yearly … Continued

People of the Streets

Having grown up in one of the largest, grimiest, industrial cities of the world, my appreciation for the grit and guts of a city goes beyond the norm. There is a texture to the underbelly of every place no matter how much facade is used to make things appear clean and smooth. Most cities find a … Continued