Best Places to Study Downtown Denver

Finals are coming and we know you’ve probably read more of our blogs than you have your class textbook, so you need to study up. Fear not, because we have the cream of the crop of places to cram for those finals coming up, without having to stick around on campus any longer. Check out these awesome study spots in the Denver Metro area:


  • Leela European Cafe – (820 15th St) This place has everything you could ask for; free Wi-Fi, a great food menu, plenty of caffeinated drinks, background music, outlets and tables as well as alcohol and a dance floor to celebrate when you’re done with your homework/study session. Plus, this place is open 24 hours to accommodate to your procrastination habits. Be sure to remember that ‘European seating’ means you share your seating space with others, as your books, backpack, coat, laptop, coffee and study guides don’t need their separate seats. Keep in mind, sometimes the open mic sessions, poetry slams and live music can be a bit loud and distracting, but surely they won’t be there as long as you will, right?
  • Crema Coffee House – (2862 Larimer St) The coffee alone is enough to make Prepare to get inspired, as many musicians and artists spend their time and efforts here, in one of the most eclectic areas in Denver. Even their food menu will have you thinking more creatively. Be sure to have your devices plenty charged ahead of time though, as Crema doesn’t provide outlets to customers. The plus side to this is that you’re more likely to stay off social media and stay on task, but if you have to use a laptop we suggest you consider any of our other prime study spots listed.
  • Little Owl Coffee – (1555 Blake St #150) Get directly down to business in this minimal-style coffee hut, and we’re not exaggerating on the word, ‘hut.’ Don’t worry about noise levels, as the music is low and not a lot of people can fit into Denver’s smallest coffee shop at once. Outlets are also minimal, but most people get their drinks to go so you won’t have a hard time fighting off too many “laptop hobos” here.
  • Bardo Coffee House – (238 S Broadway) Keep the coffees and the essays coming, as the environment here is so comfortable and inviting, it could easily be your second home. With couches, delicious caffeinated drinks, plenty of power outlets, board games and free Wi-Fi, you’ll forget you have to go back home at some point. Plus they won’t kick you out anytime soon, as they don’t close until the wee hours of the night, anywhere from 1am to 4am, depending on the night. Bardo attracts the “hipster” crowd however, so make sure to dive deep into those texts and study sheets so you don’t even notice them.
  • St. Mark’s Coffeehouse – (2019 E. 17th Ave) A quiet, cozy and commodious place to help you get “in the zone.” With plenty of seats and coffee drinks, you can get right to work so that when you’re done studying you can unwind and enjoy the bizarre décor with a little help from a beer or glass of wine. Local music is played in the basement and won’t detract you from your business. Afterwards, go join them to relax the mind after an intense study session. You’d better head there sooner than later, though, as we’re not the only ones who think this is a great place to get the studying done. If you’re in need of some brain food, try a delicious panini while you’re there.
  • Roostercat Coffee House – (1045 N Lincoln St) A hop, skip and a jump from downtown, this place is well worth the relatively short trip from campus. There are plenty of seats, free Wi-Fi, board games, outlets and even bottomless cups of coffee to keep you around for as long as you’d like. You can even choose from their many generously sized mugs! If that doesn’t help you get your studying done, you might as well take a break and enjoy the fire pits that are out on the patio instead. Open until midnight, there is plenty of time to read those nine chapters you needed to read all while enjoying a lavender latte and great food menu. Also, enjoy the occasional live music. But don’t worry, it’s not too loud to keep you from your work.
  • The Study @ Hotel Teatro – (1100 14th St) Don’t be intimidated by the fancy-schmancy, high class Hotel. Inside you’ll find a welcoming coffee shop that will remind you of an Indiana Jones-style library, or your grandpa’s home office. The coffee tastes great and is surprisingly not too pricey considering the location. Go ahead and crack open your textbook. You’ll feel more intelligent and relaxed simply by just sitting down in the lounge full of study décor, bookshelves and comfy chairs. The hospitality that comes along with being inside a hotel will make you feel very welcome.