Shop Local for Unique Gifts This Holiday Season

As the biggest shopping weekend of the year converges upon us, supporting local businesses helps keep our local economy strong and growing. Instead of saving all your shopping budget for Cyber Monday, get up out of that Turkey-induced funk and go out into the community for Small Business Saturday this weekend. Shopping with local businesses … Continued

3 Boozy Denver Tours to Try with Visiting Kin

Here’s the predicament that I hear from my transplant friends in Denver: “My friends/family/in-laws are coming to town to visit,” they say. “Where should I take them?” My advice for new Denverites hosting guests from out-of-town is to embrace your inner tourist together. Leave the work to a real tour guide and support these amazing … Continued

Walk Your Shop!

With Small Business Saturday upon us, how about walking around to do your shopping, rather than braving the parking nightmare of mall adventures? We’ve got two good walks that will do two great things: support local Denver businesses and get you outside for a bit of urban hiking. Let’s start with the short urban hike … Continued

‘Call Me By Your Name’ Wowed the DFF

The CinemaQ gem that impressed audiences at the Denver Film Festival I’ve seen a lot of queer films – A LOT – and I can’t remember the last time I was so thoroughly impressed as I was by Luca Guadagnino’s adaptation of “Call Me By Your Name.” Sure, queer cinema has improved tremendously in the … Continued

The Terrible Timing for ‘Submission’

The Denver Film Festival’s Centerpiece was a major letdown At the 40th Denver Film Festival, the Centerpiece film was “Submission.” It was adapted from the bestselling novel “Blue Angel” by Francine Prose, which was a biting satire about the sexual politics that occur within a microcosm. It’s important to remember that it was adapted from … Continued

Pop Culture and ‘JonBenet’s Tricycle’

If you’re a Colorado native, you’ve likely seen or read about Andrew Novick long before his Denver Film Festival debut last year. At the 40th Denver Film Festival, he’s revealing the feature-length version of his documentary, “JonBenet’s Tricycle,” and it’s sure to create conversation. First, it’s important to know who Andrew Novick is. He’s been … Continued

Best Films Directed By Women At The DFF

While women make up half the population, they’re currently only responsible for directing a fraction of films. There are, of course, numerous reasons for this. More importantly, though, is that we begin to recognize the importance of women in film. The Denver Film Festival does its part year-round with their Women+Film partnership, through which they … Continued

“Gnaw” at the Denver Film Festival

Sometimes, the scariest part of a horror movie isn’t the ghosts or goblins but the fears already felt by the main characters. “Gnaw,” shot in Denver and featuring one half of Tenacious D, makes the most of that scenario. Poor Jennifer (“The Vampire Diaries’” Penelope Mitchell) just wants a fresh start in the Mile High … Continued

Best Films About Immigration

Immigration is on spotlight at the 40th Denver Film Festival There’s no doubt that immigration is something of a hot-button issue these days. And when it comes to Colorado, we tend to see it all through a progressive lens. One of the many ways we’re doing this is by highlighting films at the 40th Denver … Continued