A New Temple Arrives in Denver

Temple Nightclub is officially open–and it was an impressive debut. For two nights, Denver.com was present to welcome the newest addition to the Golden Triangle neighborhood. As part of the larger Zen Compound, Denver’s Temple Nightclub is an extension of Paul Hemming’s San Francisco location – also called Temple Nightclub. It’s located in the former … Continued

Five Great Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods

Batman or Ariel? Trick or treat? Those Halloween decisions should be the fun ones. Picking where to go hunting for treats can be the more difficult decision for the night. We’ve got the perfect top five neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating that all members of the party can enjoy.   Stapleton. With well-lit streets, ample sidewalks, … Continued

How to Ace Denver’s New Ice Cream Bike Tour

The Mile High City has a new audio tour in town. The tour is a collaboration with VoiceMap, a GPS-activated app that connects travelers to locals through immersive audio storytelling. It’s like having a local friend inside your ear, guiding you and riffing about the surroundings as you wander on foot or by bicycle.   When … Continued

Alamo Drafthouse – Sloan Lake Poetry

The new poetry reading series in Sloan’s Lake isn’t like most literary events. For starters, the crowd takes an active role in the process. Each reading lets attendees contribute to a group poem, shattering the notion that poetry isn’t for everyone. That poem is written on one long scroll, a testament to how Jack Kerouac … Continued

A Cherry Creek in the Middle of Business

Who knew “Cherry Creek” is more than just a mall? I had no idea that an entire neighborhood sits north of the mall, and it’s filled with some fabulous history of famous and not-so-famous tidbits. Here’s my narrative of our urban hiking adventure through Cherry Creek. Not Just a Bunch of High-End Shops The Cherry … Continued

Past, Present and Future

Sometime in the early 1950’s, David Fistell purchased a large brick warehouse building on the corner of 10th and Bannock in Denver, Co. This location would soon become the new home for Fistell’s Electronic Supply Co. and would be the #1 place in town to buy parts for anything in the world of Electronics. Tomorrow, … Continued

Goodbye, Oregon; Hello, Colorado

Recently I moved from Portland, Oregon, one of the hippest cities in America, to yet another up-and-coming city, Denver, Colorado. While Colorado is not as well known for its wine industry, it has an amazing beer industry that is worth delving into.  With the craft beer industry having a $1.15 billion impact on the state’s … Continued