DANK Colorado Review

DANK Colorado truly lives up to their name. As soon as you get out of your car, the wonderful dank smell of skunky air teases your nostrils. If it smells this good outside, you must be in the right spot.

DANK Colorado ReviewNot only is this the right spot, it is their own spot. While DANK may not have a prime location, they do have a location all their own in Northeast Park Hill. When you pull up to park, you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking at another business with the risk of being towed. Parking spots line the exterior of the building. If you show up during non-peak hours, you can pretty much park next to the front door.

Before I even showed up to DANK I had a pretty good idea of what they were about and what I was there for – high-quality flower. I had an idea because I was checking out their website before I came in. I’ve never seen a dispensary with such a well put together, informative website. I was confident that DANK placed an emphasis on the standard of flower they sold and I was not let down.

Talking to the budtenders I could tell how excited they were about the cannabis they grow, and the hype was deserved. If you go to their website, you can get an idea of what I’m talking about by looking at high-res photos of all of the strains they grow, including an endless list of classics such as Cinderella-99, Durban Poison, Death-Star, and Northern Lights. It’s enough to get you on your way to check these guys out. That, at least, is how they got me.

When you shop at a dispensary, you expect the people working there to be knowledgeable about the product as well as give excellent customer service. At DANK, I felt less like I was receiving customer service and more like I was being welcomed in to enjoy something all of us there had in common: love of cannabis. The budtenders were eager to start up a conversation and did so in a strikingly comfortable way. Striking because usually when an employee drums up a conversation with you, it can feel as though they are doing it because it is their job and they are trying to be nice. The staff at DANK was genuinely kind.

DANK Colorado
Shatter from DANK

While having the building mostly to themselves affords DANK the luxury to grow on-site and keep much of what they do in-house, they fail to take full advantage of it. There was much to look at, but it was poorly lit inside. The variety of music that played while I was there did compensate for this, so while the atmosphere wasn’t what it could be, it wasn’t bad by any stretch. The usual magazine rack with industry reading material was available in the waiting area of the medical side along with comfortable seating.

The recreational side only had a queue line to wait in, but with plenty of budtenders and not much foot traffic, there was no need to wait anyway. Lining the walls of the rec side are DANK-branded accessories and clothing, as well as a giant case of glass pipes and other smoking devices. The accessories and clothing that lined the walls seemed fairly nicer than what most dispensaries sell, making it easier to ignore the overall lack of atmosphere. Though it all would have looked better under real lighting, I was actually tempted to purchase a pint glass.

While atmosphere can count for a lot, if your product is good there isn’t much to argue with, and DANK’s flower alone can shut me up about the lighting. Flower isn’t the only quality product they keep on hand, however. High-end concentrates from Harmony Extracts and Olio are available, as well as a variety of shatter and wax options. For the real concentrate lovers out there, DANK sells one-ounce slabs of shatter for $420.00 on their medical side. At about $11.00 a gram, that is a great deal for dabbers. The ever-popular Evolab cartridges are available, as are PAX pods.

DANK Colorado
Super Lemon Haze from DANK

The selection of edibles is great. All the classics from Incredibles to Mountain High Suckers, as well as some lesser-known medicated granola and roasted seeds. Drinks from Sons of Sativa and the stoner classic–100mg brownies–are also available. If you go to the menu on their website, you can see the full list of edibles that DANK carries. DANK also has a variety of topicals, including multiple Mary’s Medicinals products.

While I love edibles, use topicals on a regular basis, and don’t mind taking the occasional dab, what I came here for was the flower, and, as I said earlier, I was not disappointed.

DANK Colorado
Afgooey from DANK

My eyes widened and a smile forced itself on my face each time I opened a jar and took a whiff. Not only were all the buds beautiful, the unique scent of each strain was so strong it was impossible not to grin. The chemical gasoline-like smell that comes out of a jar labeled “Chem Dawg #4” almost gets you high off the inhale of scent alone. The sweet, spicy herbal scent of the Super Lemon Haze makes you double take to make sure that this isn’t a spice that you put into food but something that you can actually smoke. The Sensi Star x Sour Diesel cross that is DANK’s highly-touted Death Star has a stench that warns you how heavy this indica is before you even think about smoking it. Though it was hard to narrow down which strains I would try, the Afgooey jumped off the table smelling similar to a craft beer. Though I love sativas, the craft beer-like scent of this heavy indica was too tempting, especially with a THC testing that reached 28 percent. I was impressed by the percentage, but DANK has actually grown seven strains that have tested at 30 percent – which for flower is truly phenomenal.

Though the quality was there, and the variety of strains grown by DANK are many, the selection available was a bit more limited than what you would hope for. Nine strains are kept available, which is a bit of a head-scratcher given their ability to harvest on-site.

DANK Colorado
Chem Dawg 4 from DANK

Needless to say, the flower I came for was everything I hoped it would be and it had a price to match. While one expects to pay up for top-shelf bud, Dank’s top-shelf pricing felt high for Denver. Though this should be expected as DANK does offer strains at the Denver average cost, these strains are also on the average shelf. So as a flower connoisseur of sorts, I prefer to buy a higher quality flower and don’t mind paying up a little to do so. However, even with a 20 percent first-time discount, I still walked out the door paying $80.00 for less than a half ounce. And in today’s cannabis market, that stings the pockets a little bit.

If you check these guys out and love the flower but don’t love the price, you can always sign up to be a member with DANK. This saves you 20 percent across the board every time you shop. As a member with DANK, you also receive a $20.00 quarter once a month.

I was truly impressed by the flower, and after a couple days of smoking DANK’s product, I’m really glad I went and checked them out. These guys have been around for over eight years and the experience shows in the flower that they produce. If you’re like me and you’re a bit of a flower snob, you need to shop here. Pricy or not, life is short, and you need to treat yourself every now and again. So while the atmosphere and selection weren’t great, and the prices a bit high, I would still give DANK four out of five leaves and highly recommend going to check them out. So go treat yourself for a change, and if you do decide to treat yourself, let them know that Zach sent you!

4/5 leaves