Five Great Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods

Denver Trick or Treat NeighborhoodsBatman or Ariel? Trick or treat? Those Halloween decisions should be the fun ones. Picking where to go hunting for treats can be the more difficult decision for the night. We’ve got the perfect top five neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating that all members of the party can enjoy.


  1. Stapleton. With well-lit streets, ample sidewalks, and residents used to a gazillion kids knocking on their doors, Stapletonions give out the goods. It’s a bit of mania. Parents even brag about how many pounds of candy they handed out, and local dentists actually buy it back the next week. Stapleton now spans I-70, and both sides are as popular. Bounded by Quebec on the west, 56th on the north, roughly 23rd on the south, and roughly Havana on the east, you’ve got almost 5 square miles of candy deliciousness.


Before starting off on the night’s sugar high, grab a bite at Etais (7357 E. 29th Ave., Denver, CO), Salatis in Northfield Mall (8270 Northfield Blvd. #1485, Denver, CO) or Next Door Eatery (10155 E. 29th Drive, Suite 160, Denver, CO).


  1. Lowry. Just south of Stapleton, but having the same basic features, is Lowry. Close homes, good sidewalks, and well-lit streets make the perfect combination for trick-or-treaters. There’s also a fun trunk event on Oct. 28 in Lowry Town Center. You’ll find Lowry between roughly Alameda to the south, East 11th Ave. to the north, Monaco to the west, and Dayton to the east.


Need a bite before you boo? Stop at North County (94 Rampart Way, Denver, CO), which also has a great tequila selection. By the way, Halloween is on Tuesday. Did you say Taco Tuesday? $1 off all tacos.


  1. Park Hill. Although some of the sidewalks can be a bit narrow, the street lights are good and the homes get into the decorating scene. You’ll find some of the best treats in the area west of Monaco and south of Montview. With the trees turning, there are no better streets to crunch through piles of leaves!


Pizza’s always fun on Halloween. Be sure to stop at the beloved Oblio’s (6115 E. 22nd Ave., Denver, CO) for a warm pie before heading out to scare up dessert.


  1. South Gaylord Street, Wash Park. Good streets, good sidewalks, good lights, and good food. What could be better for a night of trick-or-treating? Plus, you’ve got food choices galore. We like Tavern Wash Park (1066 S Gaylord St, Denver, CO), especially the nutty veggie burger.


  1. Montclair. There’s a tiny but mighty quadrant of homes at Oneida and Severn. To-die-for decorations and amazing treats to boot, you’ll at least want to drive by for the decorations (and watch out for all the treaters!). Grab a quick to-go from Sweet Rice Cafe. You’ll love their Chow Mei Fun.


Regardless of where you go trick-or-treating, make sure everyone wears reflective gear, crosses at sidewalks, says “thank you,” and has a fun time. Finally, double check all candy and throw out unwrapped candies, broken items, and adult-looking candy passing off as kids’ treats.


Happy Halloween!