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Just off of Hampton and Federal, in the Southwest Denver area, is a big sign that stands tall on the side of the road reading “Good Meds.” While the drive out of Denver isn’t ideal, those holding medical cards in the Southern suburbs can appreciate a shorter trip. Since recreational marijuana was legalized back in 2014, the focus on medical marijuana has been in decline. Good Meds is one of the few medical only dispensaries left in the Denver area. Slightly off the beaten path for most, Good Meds is a jewel worth discovering.


After seeing their ad in a copy of the Westword a couple of years ago I decided to go check them out, and I’ve been going back ever since. Good Meds understands that in order to stand out from the crowd you need to have good weed, competitive pricing, but most importantly, top-notch customer service.


I pulled off of Federal and parked in the buildings lot, which always seems to have a couple spaces available. I headed up the stairs and entered the check in area, a small waiting room with a TV, ATM, reading materials and comfortable chairs. The clean, professional set up reminds one of waiting at a doctor’s office. Only instead of diagrams of bodies and illness, images of beautifully cured nugs line the wall and the TV shows pictures of weed growing lush.

Good Meds Dispensary Denver

After check-in you are greeted at the door and walked in as you would be at a restaurant. You find yourself welcomed into a semi symmetrical glass case horseshoe filled with every form of pot imaginable. On your left and right are the flower cases, showcasing the available strains as well as a few highlighted edibles and smoking devices. In front of you is a magical case filled with edibles and concentrates. If you’ve ever wondered what an ounce of live resin looks like, you can find out when you get to this center case. Behind the center case, are shelves lined with more edibles, topical products, and even CBD dog treats.


For the flower connoisseurs Good Meds strives to keep seven to ten strains on their shelves at all times. Given that this is a medical only location the flower on their shelves tends to be heavy on the indica and hybrid side.


When I asked Dustin, the good meds manager about this he told me that Good Med’s focus is on treating their customer base as patients first, which means the strains they grow are strains that will most aid in medical needs. If you are unsure of what strain will help the most, the bud tenders are bursting with in-depth knowledge and will help you make the right choice. Most importantly, this medical grade flower won’t break the bank. Good Meds has unbelievably low prices for the caliber of weed they sell. Flower prices depend on membership, but you won’t pay more than $35 for four grams and ounces start at $114.75 for members and $135 for non-members.

Good Meds Purple Trainwreck Weed strain

To ensure that their flower is up to standard, Good Meds has their own MIP (Marijuana Infused Products Manufacturer) which allows them to control the quality of their products from clone to harvest. This also gives them complete oversight of their concentrate production, maintaining the quality they expect of their flower.


Good Med’s director of cultivation Keenan Brown has a degree in Horticultural Science and over 15 years of growing experience, the strains grown by their gardener team are not products of trial and error but the results of carefully calculated growing methods.


This high level of care and experience from their growers has resulted in Good Meds producing great strains such as Blackberry Kush, Citrix, Area 51, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Holy Grail and Purple Cheddar. Good Meds won the Cannabis Cup for best hybrid back in 2014 with their well-known Pure Power Plant.

Citrix weed strain

To make sure they meet everyone’s needs, a variety of edibles are always in stock. From Incredibles and Shum-met chocolate bars to kief colas and Wanna gummies Good Meds carries just about every type of edible you can imagine.


The real demand is in the concentrate business right now, and Good Meds doesn’t disappoint. While they keep the high end Bosm live and cured resin products Good Meds also has their own exclusive line of concentrates. Live and cured resin, trim resin, budder and shatter are all available under this exclusive line of concentrates. Keef Cola oil stix, Evo Labs Chromas cartridges and refills along with Pax Era budder and live resin pods are also available for purchase.


Topical products from high-end brands such as Mary’s Medicinals, Apothocanna and Evolve Nanoserum are available as well. Everything from pain creams to juicing mixes Good Med’s keeps their medical patients need’s a priority.


If you do go check these guys out, it is worth considering signing on as a member as the benefits are great. Each month patients get a $25 credit, 15% off all flower, 20% off all edibles, topicals, pre-rolls and accessories. They also give you 20% off all concentrates minus a couple of their Bosm products. Daily deals are also available to members. Mondays and Wednesdays offer $135 ounce mix-and-match any strain on the shelf. On Tuesdays, members get 30% off topicals, and edibles are BOGO 50% every Thursday. Accessories are 30% off on Fridays, and Saturdays are 30% off the first five grams of any concentrate purchase. On Sundays Good Meds gives an additional 30% off to their senior citizen members.


Perhaps what truly separates Good Meds from other dispensaries is their amazing customer service. Anyone who has ever shopped for anything understands what a difference good customer service can make. What has always stood out is the way you are treated, you walk out feeling like a patient not a customer. This special treatment, coupled with well-rounded knowledge of the bud-tenders is hard to come by. Instead of rushing you through a sale the bud-tenders walk you through everything to ensure you walk out the door with the medicine that is right for you. Their bud-tenders going the extra mile is a big part in why I’ve continued to go back over the years. So many dispensaries let their service fall off with time, but Good Meds has been consistently excellent for years.Good Meds dispensary team


If you want to see what Good Meds has in stock before heading in, check out their daily updated menu on leafly:


Rating 5/5 leaves, Good Meds is always a good choice.


If you do pay them a visit make sure to let them know Zach from sent you!

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