GroundSwell Review

If you’ve ever ventured around the Bluebird district near Colfax and Colorado, you may have noticed a modern-looking building with a funky name, “GroundSwell.” After second glance you understand that this is a dispensary. Follow that second glance of yours for a treat you wouldn’t expect from a dispensary in this part of town. GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique is everything a dispensary should be and so much more.

Groundswell marijuana dispensary Denver

As soon as you walk in the door and head to either the recreation or medical check-in counter, you are greeted by a friendly staff member. Between the warm greeting and the sleek, modern interior, you automatically feel comfortable in a situation that usually starts out somewhat awkward. Once checked in, you are let onto the sales floor that showcases displays of available product and smell jars featuring the flower options.

The sales floor on the recreational side is well-lit; a frosted glass window behind the budtenders, aka patient relations specialists, illuminates the room and extra display lights help feature products. In front of the window is a long case that stretches the length of the room, featuring the flower and concentrates currently available for purchase. This case is loaded with premium small-batch flower and some of the finest concentrates in Denver. On the back wall are the edibles and topicals professionally displayed.

Groundswell Denver marijuana dispensary

Before I could spend much time looking, I was asked about my preferences and without hesitation, jars were pulled and recommendations were made. Across the board the staff here is amazing and their patient relations specialist Tyler Schneckenberger was particularly on top of his game. I’ve never shopped at a dispensary whose staff had so much knowledge off the top of their heads. Where one person drew a blank on one of the cross strains, another jumped in knowing exactly how to fill in that blank.

I was truly blown away by the depth of the product and general industry knowledge. At one point, I was being out-nerded on the subject, with strains being brought up that I’d never heard of. Being the flower-head that I am, I was all too pleased to be able to carry on a conversation about a subject I love – weed.

Customer service is a key part of standing out from other dispensaries. In this department GroundSwell has left the rest of the industry with a lot of ground to make up. A one-time experience would be one thing, but GroundSwell reviewers boast about the amazing customer service on page after page of 5-star Leafly reviews.

Recreational marijuana dispensary Groundswell

Having such an amazing staff is no accident. Between a selective hiring process–usually requiring at least a year’s industry experience–and complete patient relations specialist training, GroundSwell puts only the best people on their sales floor. The knowledge of and genuine interest in cannabis cannot be feigned, and this level of care and expertise is hard to come by in an industry in which everyone who has ever smoked weed believes they could work.

One of the most impressive things about GroundSwell is their ability to treat their retail side as not just recreational marijuana, but as an extension of their medical side. This level of dedication to the customer and the plants makes all the difference. Regardless of which side you shop on, the staff makes sure you are buying cannabis products that match your needs.

Many in the industry will tell you that normalizing cannabis use is the ultimate goal beyond legalization and GroundSwell is on the front lines of accomplishing this. As a member of the Bluebird community, they are part of a discount system for residents to shop at neighborhood shops, eat at local restaurants, and so on. Integrate with other businesses and being active in the neighborhood are things you simply don’t hear about dispensaries doing.

I could rave on about how amazing it is to see a dispensary care so deeply not just for their patients, but also for their community. But at the end of the day, as a consumer you probably don’t care about any of this if the actual product doesn’t hold up. Here, GroundSwell refuses to disappoint and boasts some of the finest cannabis in Colorado.

Each display jar contains beautiful, fluffy, crystally buds that tantalize the eyes. As the scents of the earthy Purple Cotton indica dance through your senses, the idea of curling up in bed can’t help but come to mind. Meanwhile, the Lemon Skunk brings to mind images from back in the day. This mix of classic strains boasts the harsh, skunky smell associated with only the strongest of strains, which is highlighted by a citrus overtone.

Lemon Skunk weed strain

Though GroundSwell tends to only carry 5-8 in-house strains that are grown at GroundSwell’s own Denver-based grow operation on their shelves at a time, they understand the importance of having options. They fill up some of the space on their shelves with wholesale bud grown with similar standards. For example, strains from Rare Dankness Genetics can be found here.

The way the classics are grown puts into perspective how much care goes into GroundSwell’s growing process. The indistinguishable smell of Golden Goat wafts from its jar while the dense buds that have attracted many are in perfect health. This classic, happy-go-lucky strain is one of the best when it’s done right, and GroundSwell’s Goat is simply superb.

Golden Goat weed strain
Golden Goat strain

Part of the secret of producing such high-quality cannabis is the way it’s grown. By using small-batch operations instead of entire warehouses to grow their cannabis, GroundSwell is able to control the conditions and give more individualized care to each strain. For those who care about where their cannabis comes from, knowing that GroundSwell is so dedicated to producing Denver’s cleanest and healthiest buds makes a huge difference in where you shop.Unlike some less reputable dispensaries, GroundSwell never uses any harsh chemicals in their growing process; only cultivation methods with organic, naturally-occurring compounds are used.

For my concentrate lovers, GroundSwell has you covered too. With one of the better selections in Denver, customers can choose from brands such as Harmony, Ascend, and 710 Labs. With concentrates as popular as ever, the edge comes in the quality and Groundswell carries some of the higher-end concentrate brands you’ll find. Proprietary strains such as Oteil’s Egyptian Kush and Logic-Diesel are available in concentrate form as well.

For those who enjoy edibles, GroundSwell carries classics such as Incredibles and Dabba bars, as well as lesser-known edibles like Binkse Olive Oil, and Julie’s Granola. IoVia produces high-end tinctures for Groundswell that make a huge difference for customers with medical needs.

Before stopping in, I highly recommend checking out GroundSwell’s amazing website to see what product is in stock and also to tour around and find out just what makes Groundswell so special. Between the beautiful layout, phenomenal service, and great-looking bud on display, I was almost worried I’d been overhyped. But after indulging in a couple of GroundSwell’s in-house specials, it is hard not to think of this dispensary as a step above the rest. After a hit of GroundSwell’s version of the world-renowned Golden Goat, I knew the hype was not only well-deserved, it may have been under delivered. It shouldn’t be a surprise either, GroundSwell takes customer service to another level, and their product is a shelf above top-shelf. With a good selection, fair pricing and a beautiful shop, it is impossible to knock these guys. Going above and beyond by immersing themselves in the community, Groundswell is truly a 5-leaf dispensary that I can’t recommend enough.

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REVIEW: 5/5 Denver Weed review