Live Recording: “Hello? Denver? Are you still there?”

For the modern news aficionado, podcasts are the new opinion column. With the ability to download thousands of podcasts and access them easily through iTunes or Google Play, there is no limit to the number of podcasters you can subscribe to. Podcasts are ideal for catching up on news in the car, at the gym, or throughout the workday–with zero commercials. Download all your favorites and catch up as you have time using just your phone and a set of headphones!

The Denver podcast scene is alive and vibrant, and this week Bree Coco Davies’ new podcast “Hello? Denver? Are you still there?” premieres during a live recording at the Mutiny Information Café.

For those who have never attended the live recording of a podcast before, it’s like being in the studio audience at your favorite talk show. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and it’ll all be recorded for posterity as part of the podcast’s background track. There’s no stagehand holding up a “Clap Now” sign, but being a part of the creation of a podcast is an exciting experience you’ll love getting to partake in. For NPR listeners, “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me” is a live recorded podcast where audience participation makes it onto the final edited track.

Photo courtesy of Hello? Denver? Are you still there?

“Hello? Denver? Are you still there?” will be devoted to examining the issues in the Mile High City that are impacting the community. In each episode, Davies will be bringing community influencers, including artists, city planners, non-profit activists, and political strategists, together to discuss perspectives about city and community in a face-to-face setting.

Wednesday’s recording will include artist Molina Speaks, urban planner Yvette Freeman, women’s rights advocate Justine Sandoval, and artist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy for a lively discussion to introduce the new show with an open discussion about what it means to be a Denverite.

New episodes will be recorded each month on the last Thursday of the month at the Mutiny Information Café. If you can’t attend tomorrow, the next recording will take place on December 28. Children are welcome to attend, but expect the possibility of profanity throughout the recording.

Location: Mutiny Information Café, 2 S Broadway, Denver, CO, 80209

Time: Thursday, November 30, at 8 p.m.

Admission Cost: Free

About the Venue: Mutiny Information Café is located on Ellsworth Ave. and Broadway with limited street and neighborhood parking available. Part bookstore, part coffee shop, Mutiny is host to an assortment of events each month. You can view the full event calendar on the Mutiny website.

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