Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique Review

The Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique off South Broadway is situated in a quaint house that almost blends in as a part of the neighborhood. It is hard not to feel welcome,  relieved even, as you walk up. The disarming nature of a dispensary in a house is a nice change, not the usual utility box that most set up shop in. Parking is easy, as there is a small lot behind the house and plenty of space on the side streets if the lot is full.Lucy Sky Cannabis lobby

For those who have lived in Denver a while, you may have heard of a dispensary called CAM. CAM was known for top-notch flower and being very pricey. When Lucy Sky took over the location, they managed to keep the quality but completely changed the price. They have built a reputation on this. If you mention Lucy Sky to a like-minded individual, they will likely start raving about how good the flower is. Flower informs about 90% of my cannabis use, so when I hear about great flower at a good price, I can’t help but go check it out.

Whether you walk into the medical side or the rec side, you enter into a small living room. The comfortable seating and modern interior design are made even more homey by the would-be fireplace. Most dispensaries have a doctor’s office waiting room vibe that is hard to shake. Lucy Sky feels more like a high-end bed and breakfast.

Once you enter the shopping area the vibe doesn’t change. Decorations mixed amongst glass products line the walls. The detail in the design and decoration pulls everything together giving Lucy Sky a truly laid-back, at home feel. Even the wall of weed itself is charming. The bowls of flower almost seem as though they are there for decoration.

While the product is important, what truly differentiates dispensaries in 2017 is the kind of shopping experience you have. Lucy Sky goes above and beyond to ensure that from the moment you walk in the door, to the moment you leave that your experience is a memorable one.

Ensuring a memorable experience is something that comes from the top down. On the Lucy Sky website, you can read the story of Tenicia Lowrie, the co-founder of Lucy Sky. Lowrie’s desire to “change what people experienced when they came to a dispensary.” is one that the staff shares. As general manager Patrick Holcomb pointed out to me, it is the attention to detail that really separates Lucy Sky from their competition. Each member of the staff wants to make sure you walk out the door smiling – and not just about what’s in your bag.

Even as Lucy Sky has expanded to multiple locations, it maintains a very noticeable Mom & Pop feel. Between the homey atmosphere and a staff that is friendly and engaging, Lucy Sky is already a step above the rest. However, at the end of the day, you are not going for the decorations, you came in to buy weed. When it comes to product, Lucy Sky takes another step above the one they already had.

Inside Denver dispensary Lucy Sky

As I mentioned earlier, Lucy Sky has a reputation for their flower and they do not disappoint. When I asked Holcomb where the consistent quality came from, what he told me was simple: “We wouldn’t sell something we wouldn’t smoke”. Cannabis grown with care goes a long way in the quality department, and the care behind the grow shows at Lucy Sky.

Lucy Sky grows nearly 50 different strains and goes out of their way to have 15-25 on hand at any time. They understand the importance of selection, something that is somehow overlooked by a lot of places. Strains such as Super Lemon Haze, Golden Goat, and Bio Cheese highlight their shelves. Smoker classics such as Blue Dream, Durban Poison, and Girl Scout Cookies are often available as well. I’m not above name recognition, well-known strains are well-known for a reason. Whether or not they are well-grown is the key. I’ve shopped sporadically at the Lucy Sky over the last few years and it seems as though nothing has changed in terms of quality. This speaks not just to the skill and experience of the growers, but the care that they put into the plants as well. Mike Meyers, the head grower for Lucy Sky, ensures that all the plants are grown to this high standard.

I could rave all day about the flower, but in 2017 there are so many different ways to consume your cannabis that most people are probably wondering why I don’t start my reviews discussing the concentrates.

Lucy Sky understands you guys better than I do, which is why they make sure they keep a full selection of Cannabis Maximus concentrates on hand. Wax, Shatter, Live Resin; you name it, Lucy Sky has it. Lucy Sky also partners with Better Concentrates to bring their customers affordable concentrate products that sell at $25.00 a gram. The well-known Evolab provides all of their cartridges and pen products. They also carry a newer player in the concentrate game, Ascend Cannabis oil. Ascend is a high-end cannabis oil company based in Colorado that is quickly making a name for themselves.

Sativa Durban Poison Lucy Sky

For the days you feel like indulging an edible, Lucy Sky has their bases covered. Wana gummies, Incredibles, and Keef Cola cover the classics, while Zoots and Coda truffles stand out as some of the newer brands on the shelves. Lucy Sky also carries Stillwater products and was actually the first in Colorado to carry them .

For those with ailments that require the use of a topical, Lucy Sky also carries topical products from Apothecanna and Evolab. They’ve also begun to carry Evolve Nano Serum, a newer brand of topical quickly gaining notoriety.

Something that has stuck with me since I left this shop is the incredible member benefits they have. Lucy Sky understands what it means to actually take care of the patients that sign them on as caretakers. On top of a great signup bonus, the everyday discounts are hard to beat. Unlike the daily specials often offered by other dispensaries, Lucy Sky allows you to enjoy member pricing on all their products every day of the week. While there, you should ask them about all of their benefits because the list is long.The most striking is the $99.00 mix-and-match ounces. It is hard to believe that you can walk out the door with an ounce of truly top-shelf cannabis for under $100 bucks, yet you can.

The amazing reputation that Lucy Sky has built suits them well. I was truly blown away by the entire experience, from the staff to the product these guys are amazing. Although I’ve been shopping around to write these dispensary reviews, I am going to be going back to Lucy Sky a lot more often. It is quite difficult to stand out in the cannabis market, yet Lucy Sky manages not only to stand out but stand head and shoulders above the rest.

If I could give these guys an extra leaf, I would. You should definitely make sure your next weed run is to Lucy Sky off South Broadway. If you do check them out, make sure you tell them that Zach sent you!

Rating: 5/5 Leaves

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