Mile High Green Cross Review

Mile High Green Cross is known for having some of the finest quality cannabis in Colorado. The dispensary market has become saturated and good dispensaries are hard to come by. Over time many secede quality to the fact people will buy weed, regardless of the condition. I paid a visit to see if they still live up to the hype after years of being in business.

Mile High Green Cross is not one of those dispensaries. Since 2009 their product has consistently been of the highest quality and they boast four first-place Cannabis Cup strains—including the first two cups awarded in Colorado.

Their Banana Kush is their original claim to fame, a highly sought after strain that never disappoints. Their Sour Grape, King Louie III, and Skunk Berry have also taken home the top prize at the Cannabis Cup. They have also won a few local awards including the Rooster Cup and the THC Cup.

Before you even walk in the door you can get a good feel for what’s available from their website. MHGC has a clean, easy to use site that is worth checking out before you head in.

To make your shopping experience easier, MHGC has taken the hassle out of parking downtown. They have a parking lot at the end of the alley off 8th. They also have metered parking along the storefront.

MHGC has a comfortable lobby to wait in, with industry related reading materials available to glance through during busy hours. Once a bud tender is available, you get buzzed into a warm lounge-like room. The laidback vibe is palpable. You feel less like you’re shopping and more like you’re coming to hang out and look at weed.

MHGC is homey, but with a modern edge. TVs displaying pricing and information hang from the ceiling. The walls are brick, with art hung about. This casual professional approach is part of the charm. There is an ATM available as soon as you walk in, MHGC is cash only so you may need it.

The trophy case is full, it never hurts to show off your hardware. As I said before, the market is saturated. Having the awards to back up your product puts you a step above everyone else. Having many awards, and carrying those strains reliably puts you on an elite level.

Inside the glass counters are an endless assortment of edibles, concentrates, topicals and flower.

In 2017 there are endless options at your disposal when it comes to consuming cannabis. MHGC understands this well, usually keeping 15-25 different strains of flower in stock. Concentrates from multiple suppliers keep their dabbers and oil lovers happy. MHGC goes out of their way to make sure that when their cup winning strains are in stock, they also have concentrate versions on hand. The range of edibles is impressive as well. From Keef Colas to Truffles, edibles from more than five different companies kept in stock. Classics such as Cheeba Chews, Wanna gummies and Dabba bars are available as well.

When it comes to flower, few are even on par with Mile High Green Cross. The price that comes with the quality is well worth it. I walked out paying just over $100 for three eighths. Pricey for Denver, but I did not mind because the quality of what I bought was amazing. Average Rec prices range from $40 eighths to $180 ounces for top shelf bud. Medium prices range from $25 eighths to $175 ounces. MHGC also has member benefits, which include a 10% discount, and access to all sale prices.

As I mentioned earlier I walked out with three eighths: Chocolope, Skunkberry, and LA Confidential.

Chocolope weed

Chocolope is one of the most interesting strains I have ever smoked. The gasoline smell screams sativa, and the sweet, spicy flavor is deeply distinguishable. When ground up, the flower remains fluffy, and burns to a clean gray ash. All signs of well-cured cannabis. The high is clear and energetic. After smoking a bowl, I walked around Denver for a few hours taking photos and was not tired in the least. This is a strain I will go back for.

Skunkberry weed

Skunkberry, one of their cannabis cup winning classics is a true Indica. The buds smell more of berry than skunk. The taste is fruity and sweet, like nothing I have smoked before. It almost doesn’t taste like weed. This is a phenomenal smoke at night. Beyond the usual heavier indica high, a deep relaxation sets it. This is great before bed. Again the buds are well cured and smoke smoothly. Mile High Green Cross never disappoints with their quality.

LA Confidential weed

L.A Confidential is a classic. Long time smokers know how good this strain can be when grown right. MHGC grows theirs to perfection. This is an indica that won’t put you to sleep, but balance you out. This is a very mellow smoke. This earthy weedy strain has a slight sweetness that gives its own touch of flavor.

There are two things that truly set Mile High Green Cross apart from everyone else. Firstly the quality of their product, which is made possible by their seed to sale style of business. MHGC controls the entire production process of their flower. This allows them to keep their organic practices in tact, helping them grow some of the highest quality weed in the state. It also ensures that the cannabis you consume is safe.

The second thing that really sets Mile High Green Cross apart from the rest is their staff knowledge. Over the years the people behind the counter have always known what they are talking about. I’ve spent over half an hour talking about flower with some of the staff. Their bud tenders go out of their way to actually talk to you, not just rush you through a sale. I’ve never been in a dispensary where the bud tenders are so eager to talk to their customers. They make it a mission to take care of each customers actual needs. Tourists get full explanations on everything, even the things they dare not try. Medical customers get strain recommendations based on what they need. That may sound basic, but those with medical cards understand how hard it is to find people that know what they are talking about.

Beyond the weed, these guys are happy to sit there and actually talk to you about anything. Every time I’ve left MHGC I’ve left happy, not just because of what’s in my bag, but because of the people I just talked to.

Rating: 5/5 leaves – If you do give them a visit, tell them Zach from sent you!

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