Natural Remedies “Natty Rems” Review

A lot has changed since the last time you probably purchased marijuana. Perhaps that high school or college friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend that had the hookup was your only source for “dank bud,” and you didn’t know any different. Not to mention it was illegal, which never really prompted you to become an expert on the subject of weed.

So now, whether you find yourself living in Denver or visiting, you no longer need to know that special someone to get the good stuff. Lower Downtown (LoDo) in the heart of it all is where the medical / recreational dispensary Natural Remedies is located. Also known as “Natty Rems” by the locals, you’ll find some “top shelf” marijuana products on the top floor of one of the most iconic buildings in LoDo. Now a Denver Landmark, the historic Hitchings Building was built in 1893 and was first occupied by margarine dealers – my, how times have changed.

Hitchings Building Natty Rems Dispensary Denver

The experience

Choose between an old, slow elevator that seems like it’s being pulled up by a single dude on the roof, or if the high altitude doesn’t faze you, simply follow the awesome flight of stairs all the way to the top. When you get there, the door will be locked but you’ll be “buzzed” (get it?) in – this is to keep their lobby / foyer from getting too overloaded. After you show your identification to the very-welcoming door greeters, you’ll chill out in the lobby area with a few other chill customers and staff before a budtender is ready to assist you. The wait is never more than a few minutes so enjoy some tasteful tunes while checking out the awesome apparel and accessories that Colorado-grown clothing company Aksels has to offer, as well as their colorful artwork on the walls. There is an ATM in the lobby, but Natural Remedies also accepts debit cards for convenience. If you decide to use your debit card, the transaction is rounded to the nearest dollar and you’re given the change in cash. The debit processes as an ATM transaction with a $3 provider fee.Natural Remedies Dispensary Lobby

Once you meet one of their friendly budtenders (Jacie was exceptionally patient and helpful), you’ll be asked what you’re looking for – a question that some shoppers may find hard to answer, given they don’t venture into dispensaries too often. Not to worry, included in this blog is their recreational menu to familiarize yourself with their products a little beforehand. Updated daily, Natty Rems offers a strain of the day as well as plenty of indica strains (a mellow, relaxing high, known for treating stress, anxiety, chronic pains and sleep disorders), sativa strains (an uplifting, energetic, cerebral high, known for assisting with daytime focus and inspiration), and hybrids (a mix of both indica and sativa strains, to balance out the effects of either strain) in both flower and edible form, as well as apparel and smoking accessories. Unlike some dispensaries where the budtenders seem impatient and short with customers who can’t make a decision, the budtenders at Natty Rems understand you may not be as experienced as them on the subject, and are more than happy to recommend different strains depending on what you’re looking to get out of the product and even let you smell each strain.

Natural Remedies Dispensary Denver


The product

Like a kid in a candy store, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of marijuana in any dispensary, let alone one that all the locals rave about. Natty Rems has a solid line of strains that have performed well in several different competitions and festivals, so you can’t go wrong with whatever strain you do decide to try here. I figured I’d try a fewdifferent strains to put their name to the test, and went with three of their more popular hybrid strains:

Natty Rems OG

Their indica-dominant specialty hybrid strain easily stood up to its name – which is good, since it’s named after the dispensary, right? Take a sniff of the flower and you’ll get sweet, earthy, tea-like aromas. While smoking, look for its fruity, herbal spice undertones. Immediately after smoking this strain I could feel the heavy burdens of stress and anxiety lift from my shoulders and I was overcome with a calm, relaxing sensation of both my mind and my body without feeling drowsy, which indicas are typically known for. I smoked on a Friday evening right after work, which really helped me unwind from the stressful, taxing week and kick back and relax for the weekend ahead. This strain is perfect for after a long day’s work, a strenuous hike, a stressful commute, or a good workout. It’ll help relax every muscle in your body and every thought in your mind.

Natty Rems OG weed flower
Natty Rems OG


Moonshine Haze

When I think of moonshine I think of going from 0-60 mph really fast, heart in the back of my chest, wide eyes, mind racing, and becoming dizzy – which is why I was hesitant to try this sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its interesting scent of a brie-like cheese mixed with berries and almonds was the first thing to hit me, followed by an immediate powerful punch of energizing absent-mindedness. I had a lot of energy, random thoughts, and euphoria, but didn’t know necessarily how to harness it so quickly. It was kind of like test driving a Dodge Viper, in that you’re excited about the rush it will give you, but when you actually push the pedal to the metal, it’s hard to keep up with how fast you’re now going and what’s going on in front of you. Luckily, I was able to hold on tight, maintain control of the “vehicle” if you will, and harness my high into being productive and creative with doing some painting, while listening to a steady music beat that kept my feet on the ground. I could see this strain going badly for those who suffer from anxiety and paranoia, but I never experienced that. In fact, Lucie the budtender actually told me it’s the sativa-dominant strain that she recommends for people who are new to sativa or want to be productive, but not paranoid. Think of it like moonshine in that you don’t need a lot to feel its effects.

Natty Rems Moonshine Haze weed strain
Moonshine Haze

Chem 4

A solid version of a solid indica-dominant hybrid strain. Its pungent smell was the first hint that I’d probably be riding a rocket to the moon, and I wasn’t necessarily wrong. Yes I was calm and relaxed as is the story for most indicas, but with this strain I was feeling a psychotropic, almost-psychedelic effects that first hit my brain, and quickly spread throughout my entire body. If you have chronic pain and this isn’t your first reefer rodeo, I could see this being a staple strain for sure. I DO NOT recommend this for beginners, you might float, giggle, and stare into the distance a little more than you’d like to. For the experienced, enjoy being talkative and giggly, pain-free, but also non-functional. I definitely didn’t get much accomplished after I’d smoked a little bit of Natty Rem’s Chem 4. You were warned, you first-timers!

Hybrid strain weed Natty Rems Chem 4
Chem 4
The word

I get it – I’m just one person and my experience is mine alone. I needed a few other opinions to solidify what I thought of Natty Rems and their products. When I took to the streets to see what other people were saying about Natural Remedies, I wasn’t surprised by their responses to the quality of products that Natty Rems offers:

While waiting in line for Cheba Hut, unsurprisingly, the subject of weed came up. I had asked the guy behind me if he’d tried Natural Remedies before and what he thought. He replied, “Honestly, it’s probably the best weed I’ve smoked [in Denver].” Another customer in line to order a fatty sammy from Cheba Hut had overheard our conversation and quickly chimed in, too. “Natty Rems is consistently the best here,” he said. I couldn’t argue. I knew it was good, there was no denying my experience with both the dispensary and the product(s), and I wasn’t the only one who thought so.


The price

Mostly available by the eighth or the half eighth (1/16), you’re looking at spending around $30-$40 per eighth. The only negative mark against this particular Market marijuana dispensary is that they’re definitely on the more expensive side as far as edibles – think of it like Nordstrom’s or Macy’s of dispensaries in a way – but for flower and concentrate (wax) products, you won’t be disappointed in neither the price nor performance.

The awards
High Times 2016 Awards:

– Silver Medal for hybrid concentrate (Headband live budder).
– Silver Medal for sativa flower (Bob Saget).
– Silver Medal for hybrid flower (Gorilla Glue).

THC Championship 2016:
– 2nd Place for recreational hybrid flower (Banana Kush).
– 1st Place for recreational sativa flower (Moonshine Haze).
– 1st Place for live concentrate (Super Mango Malawi live sugar).

THC Championship 2017:
– 1st Place for live resin (Green Princess live geodes).

Rating: 5/5 weed leaves. Tell them sent you!

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