The Golden Triangle is the unofficial name of the Civic Center neighborhood, in a triangular-shaped area defined by Speer, Colfax and Broadway. This neighborhood sees a lot of Denver’s cultural, local and art gatherings during the warmer months so get used to a lot of visitors and tourists around this area. If there aren’t any festivals happening, the Golden Triangle is home to the Denver Art Museum, a few of South Broadway’s museums, restaurants, and unique local shops.

Remember that since there is a lot of cultural and social activity in this neighborhood, it gets noisy and packed quite often — especially since the streets in this area are often closed off for the many different events that take place. Even though the Golden Triangle (or Civic Center) neighborhood is very busy, there are a few places that cater to the quieter, small family lifestyle, making it a great neighborhood destination for the “social butterfly,” the “foodie”, the “health nut” and the small, young family.

Businesses in Golden Triangle

Denver Pizza Co. has been serving the best pie in the Mile High since 2009. If it was not for our unbelievable customer base and loyal following, we would not be where we are today! We hope to be able to serve you for years to come, and thank you so much for your dedication … Continued

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Lo Stella Ristorante is the oldest and most successful family owned restaurant operation in Portofino, Italy. It is one of the country’s most renowned historic family owned and operated restaurants for more than 165 years. Now, downtown Denver is home to this historically famed Italian restaurant, led by the 8th generation family member, Alessandro Polo

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