Staying Fit While Traveling for Business

I have some exciting news to share with the blogging world. I was recently promoted at my job before the holidays! This has been so exciting and I am thrilled to be thriving and enjoying the work that I do outside of I wanted to share this because I intend to be a voice that empowers women to be successful and healthy. With a promotion, however, comes more responsibility and work. It has been an adjustment trying to balance work, marriage, blogging, and fitness. I want to take this year (2017) to focus on helping women like myself learn to balance a healthy lifestyle and being a professional and successful woman. Now more than ever I feel it is important to encourage women to strive for more in the workplace. We need more women leaders! But when balancing the gym, work, and family life, it can be frustrating and at times disheartening.

Many times in the past few months since being given my promotion, I have struggled to set aside time to work on my writing. I also struggle to find the balance between working and getting ahead in my career but also calling it quits to be able to make it to my Orange Theory Fitness classes. I am fortunate that I have not yet ventured into motherhood, because, honestly, I don’t know how working mothers do it all.

Tips To Keep Fit When Traveling for Business

Now that I am fully into the day to day of my new position, I also travel quite frequently for work. When flying and preparing for work travel takes over a week of my life, it is very hard to eat healthy and workout. Here are a few tips for my other working ladies out there that may travel for business and struggle to hit the hotel gym.

Make Healthy Choices When Eating Out

I have been very very guilty of eating out far too often and not making healthy choices when I do so! I feel like making healthy choices while eating out and having the luxury of expensing it is an impossible thing to do. Why would I ever want to choose the salad that is $14 when I could have the burger for the same price?! Nothing makes me more annoyed that the healthy options are the same, if not more expensive that the delicious fried food I could be having. Also, when you are traveling for work and stressed out, nothing seems better than a glass of wine or beer at dinner! Let’s not even get into the happy hours with clients that you attend.

Fried Food Denver
Fried something with bacon and jalapeños!

I am not going to sit here and tell you that all of your problems will be solved if you just settle for that stupid $14 salad and skip the booze. I suggest knowing your portion size and stopping when full. According to an article by Huffington Post about 96% of chain restaurant entrees fail to fall in the range that the USDA recommends for saturated fat, fat, and sodium per meal! So, shop smart. Try to avoid places like Chili’s, Apple bees, and TGIFridays. I used to work in the restaurant business and I do not joke when I say that they have meals that are pre-made and then put it into a microwave like contraption and then serve it to you. I also avoid soup because even smaller restaurants that are non-chain still buy pre-made soup full of sodium and preservatives.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Another way to avoid overeating and eating out is to pack your own snacks. I love to pack granola bars or nuts for a quick snack between meetings. Eating smaller meals throughout the day will help you avoid eating your entire plate at dinner.

Doughnuts DenverYummy! Doughnuts for breakfast! Book the Right Hotel (if you can)

Most people who travel complain that finding time to workout and a hotel that has a gym are the top reasons that they don’t workout while on business.  Before your trip, take some time to investigate the hotel you are staying at. I also encourage anyone who travels frequently to join a gym that has multiple locations and allows you to use their gyms anywhere in the US. Orange Theory Fitness is great for this, I have worked out in Minneapolis and Texas. It is always fun to check out new studios and I feel so much more confident and productive for the rest of the day. Nothing sets you up for success better than a morning workout before a client meeting…granted that you have time to shower and look sharp afterward. Another great way to keep up with your fitness when in a hotel that doesn’t have a gym is to use Youtube. There are so many great workout videos you can watch for free

San Francisco Hotel Gym
                                                             Hotel gym in San Francisco.

Get Your Work Done Before the Deadline

Stress can be both good and bad. Since starting this blog I love to run away from the stresses of my work day, but when you have a stressful job it can lead you to eat more, drink more, and for your body to store more fat. I am not the best at planning ahead and getting things done before they are needed, but one thing that will help make your business travel a bit less stressful is to get your work done beforehand. A few weeks ago I was in New York City and unfortunately, I have not quite got the hang of putting together business presentations. I had to use in-flight wifi and sit in the hotel lobby doing work until 8 PM at night. I was so stressed out and could barely sleep! None of this is healthy for your body.

Don’t be a procrastinator like me, instead get your work done before the trip. You can then use your time on the plane to watch a movie, read a book, or catch up on some sleep. Instead of sitting in a hotel lobby trying to get wifi, you could be getting your 10,000 steps walking the streets of The Big Apple!


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