The Clinic Review

“I got a ‘feva’…and the only prescription…is [The Clinic].” Let’s face it – top shelf marijuana is easy to find in Denver, so what makes a dispensary stand out? For starters, The Clinic was one of the first dispensaries in Denver to sell recreational weed. However for The Clinic, it’s not just about the quality selection of unique and rare weed strains, but the amount of extra care that goes into everything they do and everyone they meet. Living up to its name, this hospitable dispensary gives you the special treatment when it comes to full experience – from checking in to lighting up.

The Location

In a cozy brick house nestled on the corner of Cherry and Colfax, The Clinic matches the charm of its (South) Park Hill neighborhood. It almost makes you feel like you’re borrowing sugar from your friendly next door neighbor and end up staying over to visit for much longer than you expected. You’ll walk in perhaps unfamiliar with the people and the products, but leave knowing a few names, a bit about who they are, and what product is best for you. I invite you to make friends with the budtenders there, as they are very approachable, sociable, and eager to make sure your experience is top-notch when it comes to recreational or medical healing. They’ll meet you and your valid ID at the window to start things off.

The Clinic Dispensary Colfax
The Clinic – Colfax (Photo credit: Nicole Marie Castellano)

The First Impression

You’ll notice right away that the vibe here is less about retail and more about relationships. These guys care about their cannabis, establishing a connection, and making sure you select the right choice for your wants and needs. Check in at the counter by simply entering your phone number into the device. If it’s your first time, you’ll receive 15 percent off your entire purchase for that visit and have the opportunity for future deals sent to you via text. Think of it like that friend-of-a-friend you had back in the day who would call you when there were some good deals, but less sketchy.

The Products

You’ll be guided to one of many rooms where they’ll show off their cannabis products that are such high quality that you may feel a bit of euphoria even before you try any of their stuff. While they don’t have the biggest selection of flowers, concentrates, and other types of cannabis products, what they do have is definitely some of the best quality by far. Believe me when I say that I really do think this is one of the best dispensaries in Denver as far as satisfaction, uniqueness, and originality.


Their concentrates (produced by their sister company, The Lab) are a bit more expensive than other dispensaries, but they’re exclusive to The Lab brand and you certainly get what you pay for. They do, however, have some of the best prices for edibles in the Denver area, and carry the same kinds of brands as other dispensaries. If you’re shopping for something discreet, convenient, and less smelly, I recommend you go with the PAX Era vaporizer, which is specific to The Clinic brand. You can buy the battery (base) for $19.99 right now and the disposable 500-mg live-resin cartridges are anywhere from $45-60. Think of it as a cannabis Keurig.

PAX Era Live Resin Vape Pen
PAX Era, Live Resin Vape Pen (Taken from

I decided I’d stick to trying some of their flower, and went with one of The Clinic’s completely unique–and growing more popular–house strains, Panama Punch. It’s defined as a sativa-dominant hybrid–a perfect cross between Neville’s Haze and Panama Mean Green–but I’d say it’s more of a 50/50 hybrid, as it will make you feel lackadaisical and giggly (characteristics of indica) while keeping you awake and hungry (characteristics of sativa). How did they come up with the name, you ask? The “Punch” comes more from the smell and flavor than the effects, which are comparative to the famous fruit punch drink, Hawaiian Punch – although you should still prepare to get knocked flat. Just look at the orange “hair” (pistils) and dense amount of calyxes that these little buds pack, which is unusual for sativa strains. By the way, Panama Punch is also available in live-resin cartridge form, and it’s one of The Clinic’s best-selling PAX Era cartridges, as it’s very tasty. Remember, think Hawaiian Punch.

Panama Punch (Hybrid strain)
Panama Punch (Hybrid strain) Photo: Ben Tarver

Panama Punch hybrid strain weed
Panama Punch (Hybrid strain) Photo: Ben Tarver

The Recommendation

From location to friendly staff and quality products and flower, they really do treat you right at The Clinic. I visited the one on Colfax, but they have a few locations around Denver, and for the most part, the experience will be the same – they pay close attention to that. You can’t try Denver dispensaries and marijuana without trying The Clinic, and you’ll thank me that you did. You can even purchase some cool t-shirts or hats to show off where you got “treated.” Tell them sent you.

Definitely 5/5 leaves.

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