The Official 2017 Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays just around the corner, why not go out of your way to show a stoner in your life that you care. Since legalization opened the doors for innovation, there are tons of cool gifts for the pot-head in your life that you don’t mind enabling. Denver is at the forefront of the industry so if you look around town, it isn’t very hard to find some great cannabis gifts. Half the fun of the holidays is getting out and about and immersing yourself in the holiday spirit. If you don’t mind getting away from your keyboard for a bit, there are some great local businesses you can support while you do your shopping. I’ll point you in the right direction not just as far as what gift to get, but where you can actually find these awesome stoner-treats.

1. Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is at the top of everyone’s sativa list in Denver right now. Strains only get popular if they actually stand out and, as anyone who’s been lucky enough to try this fine strain can tell you, GTH is something else. This sour, citrus-y strain has a good kick so it’s probably a better gift for experienced smokers without anxiety issues. GTH is known to be energetic and uplifting, and just flat out enjoyable for sativa lovers. GTH is the product of Rare Dankness genetics so you can go out to House of Dankness to get some. Mile High Green Cross and Green Man Cannabis also carry Ghost Train Haze.

Ghost Train Haze strain
Prices vary by dispensary

2. ZootDrops

The holidays are often spent around family and, understandably for some, you can’t just toke up in front of Grandma Jane and Uncle Jimmy. ZootDrops are a fantastic premium cannabis-infused concentrate that you can mix into your adult beverage of choice to experience the best of both worlds. ZootDrops are fairly new to the market and you are likely to see somebody’s face light up like the family Christmas tree once they understand what you have given them.

Take it a step further by going to the Zootology website to get drink ideas and mixing instructions.

Zoot Drops Weed Tincture
$24.00 at Mile High Green Cross

3. Dab Kit Bundle from Lucy Sky

This Lucy Sky holiday special is one that will likely be looked back on as a trend starter. For $50.00 bucks, you get a quartz beaker, a dab mat, a dab tool, a concentrate case and a mini-torch – all in a neat little gift box ready to go under the tree. This is easily one of the best deals out there and it is the perfect gift this season. With concentrates growing more popular, why not set somebody up who isn’t going to go out and break the bank on a rig and all the accessories? With the purchase of a dab kit, you can snag a gram of wax or shatter from Better Concentrates for just $10.00. If you stop reading here and are already in your car on your way to the Lucy Sky by Washington Park, I don’t blame you.

Marijuana Wax dab kit
$50.00 + $10 dollar gram of Better Concentrate product with kit purchase (Wash Park Location)

4. Headed West Gift Bundle

If you’ve lived in Denver and you enjoy cannabis, you have likely heard of Headed West, the local head-shop chain. Headed West is offering a couple of great gift bundle options that make the perfect buy for any herb-lover in your life. Each bundle includes a kit made up of a pipe, a poker, papers and a lighter. This is a great package gift that doesn’t break the bank.

Headed West Head shop weed kit
For $19.95 you get the small/pocket version of these items, and for $29.95 you get the larger version of these items. This deal is available at all Headed West locations.

5. IndigoPro

Weed is so common around Colorado now that the name of the game has become how discretely you can enjoy your cannabis. The IndigoPro will skyrocket in popularity as people find out about this phenomenal vape-pen. The IndigoPro and the cartridges that match are the product of The Farm – a high-end dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. The IndigoPro vape pen boasts the best vapor delivery – delivering 3x the vapor of most pens. This discrete little device is made even sweeter by the way it handles cartridges. The magnetic, leak-resistant ceramic cartridges pop on and off – no more messing around with cheap pens and bad threads on cartridges.

The best part is how affordable all this is. High-end vape pens can run in the hundreds, making this the perfect gift for even just a good buddy you know who would appreciate such a gadget.

Indigo Pro Vape Pen
You can find the IndigoPro at Mile High Green Cross: $20.00 for the battery and $42.00 for the 500ml cartridge

6. Padded Pouch from Dime Bags

Dime Bags’ Padded Pouches are the best travel cases in the industry. These reliable cases can be used for anything, but are perfect for a pipe and whatever other paraphernalia is along for the ride. The best part is the smell-proof pouch that actually works. This is one of the most well-made, reliable items in the industry. They come in a host of colors and the Padded Pouch, similar to the Debowler (below), is just a great gift because of how truly useful it is.

Dime Bag Padded Weed Pouch
You can find Padded Pouches at Headed West starting at $30.00, or you can visit their website to see other great options from Dime Bags.

7. Olio Concentrates

With all this talk about dabbing tools, you’ll have to make sure to actually go get concentrates. If you are in the market for concentrates, look no further than the top of the line with Olio products. Olio produces some of the most sought-after and highest quality concentrates, such as their super-potent sugar wax. Olio is being touted as the finest in the state and it truly is an experience to smoke. The non-cannabis comparison would be buying your significant other a pair of high-end sunglasses.

Find out which dispensaries carry Olio products here.

Olio marijuana concentrate
Olio concentrates

8. Medicine Man from Lucy Sky

The holidays are all about spending time with other people, friends, loved ones, or whomever it may be that we try to reach out and bring a little closer during this time of year. Why not be a real friend and get them an eighth of some of the coziest bud they will ever smoke. One of Lucy Sky’s premier strains, Medicine Man, is the perfect medicine for the stress of life. Sit back and share a bowl with a friend or a loved one and really just enjoy the moment. This is a great evening strain that really covers all the bases. With the latest batch testing out at nearly 25 percent THC, this hybrid is both relaxing and cerebral. It’s a well-balanced strain that can be truly enjoyed by all types of smokers.

Medicine Man weed strain
$35.00 for 1/8 and $70.00 for a ¼ – Lucy Sky Dispensary

9. Dipper Vaporizer from Dipstick Vapes

The only thing holding back concentrate lovers is how hard it is to take dabs away from home. Dipstick Vapes makes this issue a thing of the past with the essential on-the-go concentrate vaporizers. Between the innovative technology and the multiple attachments to enhance your smoking experience, you really won’t want to take dabs any other way again. The Dipper is a great gift for that special someone in your life who usually spoils you. Return the favor and spoil them with a Dipper this holiday season to make it one they won’t forget.

$149.00 – Check out their store locator on their website to find out which dispensary closest to you carries Dipstick products.

10. Pax Era & Pods

Pax Era vaporizers have been taking over the cannabis industry as of late and if you know somebody who doesn’t have one, you can bring them into the modern cannabis era with one easy purchase. Once you buy the battery, you have a choice of pods that range from $45.00 – $65.00 depending on the concentrate. Live Resin pax pods are one of the best products on the market right now and usually run around $60.00. You can almost quit your holiday shopping here if you go this route as it would be hard for anybody to ask for more.

You can find Pax Era pens and pods a lot of places, but I’d recommend going to see my friends over at Mile High Green Cross for these as well.



Pax Era Weed vape pen
Pax battery – $21.50 + pods $45-$65

11. Motor Breath from Mile High Green Cross

Motor Breath is a newer addition to Mile High Green Cross that has been flying off the shelves. This cross between Chem D and SFV OG kicks your shoes off and presses the relax button while allowing you to remain awake because of the touch of Sativa balancing it out. This is another cozy strain that is great for hanging out during the holidays.

Motor Breath weed strain
$35.00 for 1/8 and $70.00 for a ¼ at Mile High Green Cross

12. Debowler

Find out if the person you’re thinking of owns a debowler. If they do not, the search for a gift is over. This is a classic crowd pleaser, one with which you can’t go wrong. Anybody who smokes and doesn’t own one of these things would be ecstatic to get one for the holidays. It is simple, but so useful, and once you have one you can’t go without it. You will likely get thanked numerous times because the Debowler is so essential that it should just come with the pipes you purchase.

Weed debowler
$7.00 at Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique (Wash Park Location)

13. Float Tank Coupon

At the end of the day, no matter how well you know somebody, everyone still has personal preferences that can be hard to shop for. Your friend or loved one may be this way. They buy their flower or wax from their shop of choice and they know exactly what they want. If you’re willing to “shop outside the box,” consider gifting a float tank coupon. Float tanks–or isolation tanks–are gaining popularity beyond the fringe culture and many of those in the world of cannabis have at least heard of and have become intrigued about floating. Float tanks, especially when paired with cannabis pre-float, are one of the greatest ways to relax. If you could afford to send someone you love on vacation just to get away and relax, would you? Well, a float is the Lite version of this and one that is much more affordable.

If you know your friend or loved one would enjoy this kind of getaway, check out Float Centers Groupon or Isolate Float center for vouchers and coupons that you can purchase as gifts.

Float Tank therapy
Float Tank

14. Binske Live Resin Sugar

Olio might be all the rage, but Binske is cannabis on the next level. To see what I mean, I highly recommend going to their website and taking a complete tour. They will blow you–and whoever you decide to bless with such a treat–away. A gram of premium Live Resin is as good as buying somebody an ounce, only much classier. Like Olio, this is stepping your game up, which makes this a gift for somebody you truly care about.

Punch your zip code into the store locator on their website and feast your eyes on the list of places in and around Denver.

Live resin sugar concentrate
If you live in the Denver area, Binske is usually within driving distance.

15. Pipe Cleaners from LabRat Supplies

Sure, you could run to the craft store and get the basic pipe cleaner we’ve all played with as kids. They work. Or, you could change a stoner’s life and give them a gift they both never expected and will be so happy to use: Industrial Pipe Cleaners. Anyone with any kind of smoking device, especially a bong, understands how hard it can be to clean. Making your life a lot easier are these super strong, reusable pipe cleaners that you can find on Amazon. While you’re there you can always bundle a nice bong cleaner and get away with a great gift for under $30.00.

Weed and bong pipe cleaner
Under $30.00


Store Locator:

Mile High Green Cross: 852 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

Lucy Sky Boutique: Washington Park – 2215 E Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO 80210

South Broadway – 394 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

House of Dankness: 10555 E 45th Ave, Denver, CO 80239

Green Man Cannabis: 1355 Santa Fe Dr. Suite F, Denver, CO 80204

Headed West: 1565 S. Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80222

Isolate Float: 3055 47th Street, Boulder CO 80301