The Secret Sauce Behind SHINE Boutique

When I was a little girl, I was blessed to have a powerhouse mom.  Business owner, volunteer, confident, and caring, she was and is beauty and brains combined into one wonderful package.

But even being raised by a powerful mother couldn’t stop the self-conscious side of my nature from shaking its ugly head. I spent years being too nervous to raise my hand when I was a child and wasted time trying to be noticed by the “cool” crowd. More recently, due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, I admittedly spent weeks on end looking for continuous validation externally because I honestly just didn’t feel whole on the inside.

As women, no matter whom we surround ourselves with on a regular basis, the constant influx of information telling us how we “should” act or what we “should” say can be enough to drive any woman mad.

That’s why places like SHINE deserve to be celebrated and welcomed into our lives.

What is SHINE Boutique?

SHINE, in a nutshell, is a place where women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds are celebrated.  While on the surface it is a clothing boutique and salon with trendy, affordable clothing and beauty services, you’ll find something much deeper once you’re inside.

Even on their website, SHINE emphasizes that it is a place where you can find your inner beauty and live authentically.

And that is the type of place we can all celebrate.

What makes SHINE unique?

The second you walk into SHINE, you’ll notice something a little bit different than a traditional salon or boutique. It’s a space that feels like a welcome hug when you step across the threshold.

It’s this loving, kind energy that flows through every element of the space. Some pieces  you’ll notice almost immediately include:

  • They cut the sizes out of the clothing, instead using a color coding system to help you find the size that best works for you.
  • All of the mirrors have quotes written on them about self-love and self-acceptance. It’s a message that is spread across every inch of the space.
  • Every Wednesday, SHINE hosts an event centered on sisterhood. Every other week, they host a yoga or workout class – this writer’s personal favorite class was Beyoncé-themed yoga.  On alternate weeks, SHINE hosts “Women and Wine Wednesdays.” These are discussions that are hosted by powerful women in our Denver community, alongside an optional glass (or two) of wine for hosts and attendees alike.
  • As SHINE is more interested in being a community space than a traditional boutique or salon, they offer free Wifi and free water, coffee, or (when you need it most) wine so that you can hang out on their cozy, idyllic outdoor patio for as long as your heart desires.

But the secret sauce behind SHINE is what’s below the surface.  It’s the love and sisterhood that you can tell the staff has for one another. It’s the loving, empowering quotes that are honestly written on the walls behind the paint by those who supported SHINE before it even existed in its current form.  It’s the hug that you receive when you walk in, the fact that you can hang out there with no makeup or with a full face of makeup and still be treated the same, and the fact that it just feels like home.

How do I check this place out?!

SHINE is located in Washington Park at 1280 South Pearl.  Free 2-hour street parking is available, or they have free parking available behind the building.

And, even better, SHINE will be hosting an amazing “punk meets hip-hop” fashion show to celebrate their 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! If you want to be a part of this awesome event, complete with signature drinks, the hottest trends, a rowdy DJ, small bites, and tasty sweets, then check out more details and buy your tickets here.  It’s definitely going to be one of those “I’m so glad I was there” kind of nights…