What’s the Deal with Cannabis-Friendly Hotels in Denver?

Book a 420-friendly hotel, speakeasy-style.

Cannabis-curious visitors to Denver, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that Colorado is arguably the best place for a weed vacation experience. Bud prices are low, dispensaries are abundant, and budtenders are friendly. On top of that, a handful of weed tour operations are waiting to whisk you into the fragrant world of grow facilities aboard 420-friendly party buses.

Now time for the bad news. Despite all the places to buy legal cannabis, there are few legal places to smoke or consume it. In November of 2016, voters elected to allow public use lounges, but the licensing process is prohibitive. No lounges yet. There’s also no smoking in hotel rooms or public places. This leaves private homes and residences as the best option for lighting up or vaping your bud.

What is a hotel-dwelling Denver traveler to do? Luckily, there are a few lesser-known options for those who seek them. For a private, in-room cannabis experience, I recommend searching for 420-friendly Airbnb rentals or 420-friendly hotels in Denver. Here are a few things to know.


Find a cannabis-friendly hotel

Tour operators such as My 420 Tours and Colorado Cannabis Tours are solving the where-to-smoke dilemma. They have worked out agreements with leading national hotel chains to equip certain rooms with a tabletop vaporizer device. For those who are new to this, vaporizers provide a smoke-free way to sample the different strains for sale in Denver’s dispensaries.

One speakeasy-style caveat: these hotels don’t want to disclose themselves online or book 420-friendly rooms directly. The only way to book them is through a tour operator. The tour booking agent will let you know the hotel name and specifics once you’ve already booked. Feeling heady? You can even book a 420-friendly all-inclusive Colorado vacation to add guided activities to your hotel stay.


Embrace the vaporizer

If you’re not married to the idea of combusting your bud with a lighter, then vaping will open up a lot of options. As an alternative to booking a cannabis-friendly hotel room, you can simply rent a vaporizer to use in any vacation rental or hotel room.

Note that the rental vaporizers are built to use with cannabis in flower form, as opposed to concentrated products like wax, shatter, and oils. If you want to sample concentrates or do dabs, check out the Loopr bus and you’ll likely find good company.

Hotel Denver 420 friendly
Vaporizer in a weed-friendly hotel


In-room cigarettes? Don’t even think about it.

Finally, if you do choose to partake in a 420-friendly hotel room, respect the rules. This is only permitted because the vaporizers allow for a non-combustible and smoke-free way to consume. Cigarette smokers, please resist the urge to light up your tobacco products in-room. It’s not okay. Cigarette smoking in the hotel rooms can jeopardize their vape-friendly status. Don’t ruin it for everyone.


The quick facts:

  • 420-friendly hotels start at $139 per night.
  • Hotel locations range from central Downtown Denver to other convenient locations near the airport and the Denver Tech Center.
  • There is no instant booking on 420-friendly hotels. Be patient as the tour operator confirms with the hotel.
  • Hotels remain unnamed to protect their family-oriented branding. The name will be disclosed once the reservation is confirmed.