What’s the Deal with Weed-Themed Denver Vacation Packages?

Planning a weekend getaway to Denver, Colorado?

You’re in good company. Tourism is booming in the Centennial State, and its capital city is earning itself a place on the USA travel map. Don’t just pass through it on your way to all the skiing and outdoor fun in the Rocky Mountains. Stay for at least three days to do the city justice. There’s no better way to see it than through the green-tinted lenses of a cannabis-themed trip.Denver Weed Tour and Vacations

If you’re in town specifically to explore the legal weed landscape, or if you just want to sprinkle some Denver-style green on top of your travel experience, then you’ve come to the right place. Denver’s dispensaries and weed tours welcome visitors with open arms and sticky buds. The leading weed tour companies will even package cannabis-centric three-day vacations. But are these all-inclusive weed vacation packages worth it? Let’s unpack what’s inside the deal.

DIY versus all-inclusive packages

Yes, any visitor can walk into a dispensary on their own and try to find their way around. And yes, any visitor can try to look for 420-friendly hotels or Airbnb lodging in Denver in order to solve the problem of where to smoke weed legally in Denver. But there’s so, so much more than that for a complete, immersive experiencing of cannabis culture in the Mile High City. With an all-inclusive three-day weed vacation, all the details are taken care of. Your itinerary is loaded with smokin’ cannabis experiences like cooking classes and activity pairings. Here’s what’s included with a typical vacation package:Denver weed vacation tour guide


Airport transportation with a twist

Getting from the Denver International Airport into the downtown area is no small task. The airport is located about 25 miles outside the city. Rather than the hassle of comparing Uber to SuperShuttle to the Commuter train, sit back in your private 420-friendly airport ride and smoke a pre-roll in the backseat after stopping at the nearest dispensary on the way to your hotel. By far the best way to start a Colorado vacation out on a high note.


Weed grow house tour Denver 420-friendly hotel stay

Next stop is your comfortable cannabis-friendly hotel. An all-inclusive vacation package provider will set up a specialized stay at a centrally-located hotel, where they’ve arranged the option to vape in-room with a Silver Surfer already in place. Bring your greenest buds and follow the simple instructions to vape in the comfort of your room, or join fellow high-flying travelers in designated smoking areas and make new friends.

A selection of cannabis activities

As part of your weed-centric vacation package, you’re automatically signed up for the best activities. Newbies to smoking and long-time tokers alike will appreciate insider experiences like touring a giant commercial grow operation, pairing weed and beer on a party bus, and cooking with cannabis. Join the full-on celebration of Denver’s unique legal weed culture with these only-in-Denver things to do.marijuana plants Denver

A cannabis-infused massage

A vacation isn’t a vacation until there’s some deep relaxation involved. Meet the massage therapists who use CBD-infused topical treatments known for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to toke before hitting the massage table, then go for it. You’re in Denver. Stay high.

If you’re coming to Denver, Colorado even in part for the cannabis, then clearly this is the way to do it. It’s the kind of vacation package you’ll be giggling about for years to come.